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Lake or the sea, going for a boat ride is always fun! In these boat simulator games, you can enjoy the calmness of the water and ride a boat even if you don't know how to row. Choose a game and take the boat for a ride!

What are boat games?

Boat games are all online games that feature boats in the gameplay. In boat games, you might be going in the water to catch some fish, go racing other speed boat drivers, or join a daring battle! Test how good your balance is on water and control your boat to finish whatever the mission of the game is. If you like games with boats and armies on water, check out our online battleship games! For more games about speed, we recommend our fun racing games where you can speed with all sorts of vehicles. We also have a huge collection of car games, if you want to try racing on the ground rather than water!

Boat fishing games

Boats are often used to go fishing, and online games are not an exception! Go out in the water and use the boat to get to the best fishing spots. Catch big and small colorful fish all while remaining steady on the water. See all of our free fishing games to train your skills even more! For other similar games, check out our collection of games for boys which feature a lot of different gameplay. 


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