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Fireboy and Watergirl: An Unlikely Duo

He’s hot, she’s not. She’s slippery and wet, he’s crackly and dry. These Fireboy and Watergirl cool math games are all about unlikely heroes and logic-defying stunts, so why not pair these two opposites up? After all, to get through the deadly booby traps waiting in each corner of the ancient temples that this duo loves to explore, they’ll need to use each other’s talents. He can walk through fire, and she can walk through water. Neither of them can survive a second in the other’s element. Trust us, though, there’s a whole lot more ahead of you than a couple puddles of water or a bit of fire. Every level brings something new, so you must always be ready to take on new challenges and obstacles.

Adventure Is Waiting

You want that treasure, don’t you? Well, you aren’t just going to find it laying around at home. Watergirl and Fireboy know this, which is why they journey to dangerous, faraway temples to seek out riches beyond imagining. Seriously, have you ever seen a diamond as big as your head? These temples are filled with them! They’re also filled with deadly pits, nearly impossible locking mechanisms, switches, levers and all kinds of platforms. You might be able to run through the first level or two without much thought, but after that, you’ll need to figure out a plan together. It’s all about teamwork, patience and cleverness. If you try to just jump through all of your problems, you just may go up in a puff of smoke. Well, at least these titles come with a restart button.

Tricky Traps

Whips of red-hot flame curl up towards the ceiling. Icy blue water beckons you to a quick demise. You’ve heard about the infamous, deadly pits of the Fireboy and Watergirl forest temple, but have you heard of the light-activated locks? The almost impossible inclines, dips, drops and platforms? What about the timed doors that threaten to slam shut on you as you scurry across to the goal? We weren’t kidding when we said that you really do learn something new with each level in this Fireboy and Watergirl cool math games. You have to think before you leap into danger, but don’t take too long, because the clock is ticking. No really, there’s an actual clock that affects your score, so be as quick as you can without, you know, dying!

Dozens of Dungeons to Explore

Our favorite feature of these Fireboy and Watergirl games is definitely the variety within the level design. First and foremost, you get to choose your path. Each level completion brings you to a fork in the road, so you can choose to go left, right or straight. We also love the elemental features of the games themselves. In Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple, for example, you’re working your way through a lush landscape of hazardous conditions. In Fireboy and Watergirl Crystal Temple, you run, jump and riddle your way through a beautiful but dangerous environment. Finally, in Fireboy and Watergirl 3: Ice Temple, our elemental duo is trying to keep themselves from freezing as they trudge through snow and ice. No matter where you put them, our heroes aren’t afraid to plunge themselves into danger for the sake of glory and riches.

Two Heroes, Double the Danger

The other feature we love about this game is how creative the designers were with the two-person puzzles on each level. Sometimes, for example, Watergirl has to run across water to activate a switch while Fireboy waits patiently on the other side of the pit. Then, the switch allows a beam of icy blue light to freeze the water so that Fireboy can now run across. This is just one of many tricks the game uses to make you stop and think. It just goes to show you that you can’t always jump headfirst into danger without a partner that has your back. Neither of these heroes would get very far without the other, so make sure that you keep them as close together as you can throughout each level.

Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked

You’ve got enough trying to block your path as you forge your way through these deadly dungeons – you shouldn’t have to worry about game blockers, too. That’s why we made Fireboy and Watergirl unblocked. That’s right, this game is playable on school computers, and any others that have game blockers activated! Just like Fireboy and Watergirl brainstorming their way through all kinds of peril, we found a way to help you enjoy this game anywhere. It’s a simple html5 workaround: just pull up a web browser and play the game with no downloads! It’s always free, always playable, and always a great time. So, what are you waiting for? The temple is filled with glittery diamonds just waiting to be ransacked by brave adventurers.

Three Action-Packed Games and Counting

This series isn’t going anywhere soon. Fireboy and Watergirl was such a hit that the developers quickly scrambled to make two sequels, showcasing new environments and all kinds of twists and turns that we didn’t see in the first Fireboy and Watergirl. The best way to sharpen your exploration skills is simply to try them all, so jump in and take your best shot at these tricky dungeons. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, you could die, but that’s what respawning is for. Good luck, adventurer, and remember: fire and water don’t mix!

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