Soldiers 6 – World War Z

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Soldiers 6 – World War Z
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Here we have the sixth installment into the Soldiers series, this time titled World War Z. At the beginning of the game, all you need to do is connect to a server. After that you can pick your team and your soldier. You can pick from 4 types, with each having their own different abilities. Be sure to think about what suits you. This time, the developer thought of the women, so you can also play as a woman soldier. After picking a character, you can start killing your enemies. Based on the mode that you pick, you will be tasked with fulfilling different objectives. If you happen to have no one to play with, invite a friend or use bots. It’s up to you, so enjoy the fray!

Soldiers 6 - World War Z is a kind of huge multiplayer war simulation game. In this kid 10 game, the players need to join a team to fight with others. The game is not easy to play and win.

Come for plenty of choices with various themes in the new games such as Fresdoka and Combat Strike Multiplayer later.

Hope you can have fun and good luck at!

How to play: use the keyboard and the mouse to play.


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