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Like Bejeweled, but Not Bejeweled

Sometimes, a cleverly crafted game like Bejeweled can create an entire genre, and that’s exactly what happened with this instant classic. Bejeweled is a genre of fun puzzle games, and it started out with rows upon rows of shiny and sparkly gems. Your goal is fairly simple: match the gems, score points, and keep going for bonuses, special pieces, and all kinds of other features. We’ve all had hours of fun playing this original, so out of respect and admiration, we’re proud to announce our category dedicated to games like Bejeweled. Now, you can play free Bejeweled games online. There’s no download necessary, and these games are completely unblocked so that you can play them anywhere and anytime! Not sure where to get started? We have plenty of free match 3 games if you like to keep things simple, or you can also check out more modern versions of Bejeweled things to encounter new twists and turns.  

Enjoy the Classic Trademarks of Bejeweled Online Games

What makes online games like Bejeweled so awesome? First and foremost, it’s the ability to just relax and enjoy hours of quiet gameplay. Of course, some of these online Bejeweled games to play for free are a little bit more fast-paced, but in general, you get to bask in the glow of these dazzling stones while you tap, click, swap, match, and rake in points. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Bejeweled games online at this point, including our category of free, no download versions, but most of them follow the same theme. Find sets of matching jewels, match or trace them and watch them shatter into a glorious, glittery waterfall. As soon as you make a match, more jewels will fall from the top of the screen for you to match and play with, so don’t get too lost in the gleam! What else is this genre of free online games known for? Come with us on a little adventure, we’ll show you.

Special Pieces

There’s no shortage of awesomely upgradable gems in this free category of online Bejeweled games, and we’ve made sure to include as many as we can. Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything, and special pieces will just appear out of nowhere after a few seconds. Other times, you have to score a cluster of 6, 7, or even more gems to earn a special piece. So what do these mysterious marbles do in our free Bejeweled games online category? It depends. Some of them explode in a “t” pattern, blasting out all of the gems on the x and y axis for points. Other gems explode in a circular radius, taking out everything that falls within it. Still, other special pieces don’t explode at all. They might stop the clock, or they might serve as a universal piece that matches everything. The possibilities are endless.

Tougher and Tougher Levels

One of our favorite qualities of this genre is how flexible the gameplay can be. Here’s what we mean: when games like Bejeweled first started coming out, they began to embrace different leveling structures. So, instead of just playing forever and trying to get a high score, you might have to play your way through actual levels. Whether or not the level has a timer is up to the game, but this opened up a ton of new possibilities. For example, we saw added level requirements, meaning that you don’t just have to score points, you have to actually pay attention and do specific things to move forward. It’s kind of like finding a key, only it unlocks the next level. If you’re really into playing through dozens (and even hundreds) of harder and harder levels, our collection of games similar to Candy Crush will interest you!

Fun Themes

There’s nothing wrong with rare and precious stones, because honestly, who doesn’t love rare and precious stones? If you’ve played enough no download Bejeweled games online, however, you might want a little change of scenery once in a while. For that reason, we have stocked this entire category of free and unblocked titles with plenty of fun, theme-based games. Done with diamonds? No problem, play with candy canes and cookies instead. You can even play with jelly candies, balloons, beach equipment, and all kinds of other pieces. It’s not just the pieces that change, either. You can find games like Bejeweled for free with all kinds of seasonal backgrounds, sound effects, and other themed content. Whatever you’re in the mood for, a themed Bejeweled game will help to take you there in style.

Try Them All

Don’t be overwhelmed, we know that it can be a bit “blinding” (get it?) when you first step into this category. These online games have been around for several years now, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve fallen too far behind. New variations of free and unblocked Bejeweled games are popping up all the time but remember: they always stick to the common theme. Watch for those matches, keep them together, and do whatever you can to get extra points. In other words, the absolute best way to get the most out of this category is to try each and every game! Nobody will question your skills once you’ve cleaned out our entire category, that’s for sure. Ready to throw yourself into a world of sparkling enjoyment? Let’s see what you can do!

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