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Math is Everywhere!

You can’t avoid it. Whether you’re adding up pocket change as you sprint towards the ice cream truck or calculating how long it will take to do your morning chores, math is everywhere. Since it’s unavoidable, we figured we could at least make it fun for you with these online math games. After all, you will definitely need to use math for the rest of your life, so why not get good at it now while playing these fun, free games? This is why we’ve dedicated an entire category to awesome math games online - so that you can master your skills without feeling like you’re doing homework. Don’t worry, it won’t be all numbers and problems. This category has plenty of heart-pounding action, cool characters and interesting stories as well. Let’s take a look, shall we?

So Many Ways to Crunch the Numbers

Just because we’re offering math games for free online, doesn’t mean that we want to give you a quiz. Of course, we have quiz-style games if that’s the type of math challenge that you like, but we’ve also figured out more than a dozen ways to keep those numbers running through your mind without you even thinking about it. That’s what online games math is all about – fun distractions that encourage learning. So, what’s your favorite way to use numbers, angles and other math concepts? Do you like a quiet puzzle or an intense battle? Would you rather fly through a problem set in record time or simply blow something up? It all involves math, and it’s all free, online and totally unblocked in this category. If you are into logic games, like math games, then check out our category full of logic games.

Block-Crunching Madness

Oh, how we love block-combining games. Well, you don’t always have to combine them in order to win, but it’s a common theme. Sometimes, you have to replace them, match them or even stack them according to the numbers they have on them. Either way, it’s a great way to pass the time while working on your math skills. Even within this sub-category, there are tons of different options. You can slide blocks together to make larger multiples in hopes of reaching a certain number. You can shoot them, match them, and much more. Most of these games are perfect for high score junkies, too. You can hit the restart button with less frustration, knowing that your brain is getting the workout of a lifetime. Find blocks to be a little slow? Well, you certainly won’t find yourself snoozing in this next category.

Calculating the Perfect Angle

There’s nothing quiet or relaxing about launching projectiles at targets, that’s for sure. It may not seem like math at first, since there are no numbers on the board, but this kind of game involves lots of quick calculations in your head. How do you know just where to aim so that you don’t overshoot or undershoot your target? How do you know what the projectile (whether it’s a ball, ammunition or the character themselves) is going to do after it bounces off of a surface? Most importantly, how much force do you have to use to get the item to its target? All of these questions require super quick calculations involving all kinds of math principles. Even if you don’t think that you’re a math whiz, if you can master the perfect shot, you’re already putting in a lot of work mentally. 

Throw the Dice and Add ‘Em Up

Dice aren’t only for casinos, you know. This category gives you the chance to try your luck and test your smarts by shaking, tossing and counting up multiple dice with each turn. The rules of each dice-throwing game may vary, but either way, you’ll be using plenty of math to add up your points, check your score and keep it updated throughout the game. Adding isn’t the only operation you’ll be doing in these free math games, either. You’ll be subtracting, multiplying, estimating totals and – if you’re really good – calculating probability for each turn. It all depends on what game you’re playing, but these free titles will cover a lot of ground when it comes to different kinds of math problems. Not so much of a dice thrower, eh? Well that’s just fine, because we have many, many more games where that came from.

Trivia, Memory and More Math Games

Think that a memory card game has no place among these cool math games? Think about it: if you have six cards left to be solved, then how many pictures are left? Since each picture is part of a matching pair, then six divided by two is three. The same concept applies to our learning games, trivia games and all kinds of miscellaneous titles that you wouldn’t think involve any math. It’s not always in your face, but it’s almost always working in the background. Everyone is welcome to this category, too, because we have games for all ages and difficulty levels. We have math games for kids, more challenging titles for adults and plenty of content in between.

Learn a Little, Play a Lot

We’ve set up all of these math games for free because we believe everyone should have access to fun opportunities to practice one of the most important skills in life. Whether you’re looking to learn, looking to have fun or a little bit of both, we’ve got all kinds of completely free and unblocked math games to make your experience awesome every time. Not sure where to start? Just choose one at random – we promise you won’t be disappointed! if they aren't enough for you, we have a huge selection of thinking games.

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