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If we stuff any more free online board games into this category, it will need an entire site of its own, because this thing is brimming already! This isn’t your average selection of (virtual) cardboard classics, either. We’ve got 2-player board games online, free card and board games online, and all kinds of variations on the games you already know and love. You can roll dice, turn cards, guess, match, follow the rules, bend the rules, and much more. The question isn’t whether or not to play board games online, the question is, “Which game do I start with?” Is it better to warm up with a game that you’re used to, or jump into something totally different? It all depends on what kind of fun online board games player you are. Let’s take a look at the many play styles that work well in this genre.

How Will You Dominate the Board?

If you like to put a little more time and effort into thinking out each move, making tough choices and planning ahead, you might be better with playing board games online that have cards, characters and lots of different options. If you prefer to just relax and let fate decide how well you do, maybe something with dice is better. The same goes for your competing strategy. Would you rather beat the computer, another person, or nobody at all? There are so many free board games online to play that you’ll be able to work on all of your skills. Most importantly, you’ll be able to play free titles online with absolutely no pressure. If you aren’t loving one, just back out and try another! Let’s take a look at some of the game types we have included in this online board games free category.

Solo Play or Head-to-Head

If you just want a quiet moment or two to be alone and play a fun game, there are plenty of ways to play board games online free and without any opponents or teammates to distract you. We have all kinds of solitaire variations in our solitaire category or just go straight to the

Captivating freecell games, that will bring the one-player action for hours on end. On the other hand, if you prefer to smirk across the table at an opponent and outwit them at every turn, you can play one of our many multiplayer board games online or perhpas you want a classic Sudoku challenge by popping by our Sudoku category. Hop around the board with your game pieces and battle each other, or race to the finish. Nobody says you have to choose either way, by the way. You can spend a whole day exploring our 2-player board games online, and the next day try out some single-player fun. That’s the whole point – it’s whatever you want!

Tiles, Cards, Dice or All Three

To create the huge amounts of variety that we wanted this online board games free category to have, we made sure to add plenty of play styles. One second, you’ll be matching tiles together to clear the board as the timer ticks away, and the next second, you’ll be building stacks of cards in order before the computer can beat you to it. You’ll have the ability to lay down a huge, game-ending hand. If everything goes well, you might even get the chance to triple-jump your opponent’s checkers? See what we mean by variety? If there’s a way to win a board game, we’ve featured it in this category. Just try us – we didn’t leave anything out! We even have seasonal board games to get you in the mood for your favorite time of year. No matter the game, however, you won’t get too far if you don’t have the right set of skills.

Luck, Strategy or Speed

We’ll start with “luck,” even though it doesn’t technically count as a skill. If you’re always the one who rolls a six, maybe you should play board games online that emphasize luck. Whether it’s rolling dice, flipping a coin or just hoping that next card says something good, sometimes leaving it up to chance is a smart move. Next, you’ll need to have a strategic mind to win at multiplayer online board games especially, because you’ll have to outsmart your opponent. This means guessing their next move, having multiple backup options and always staying one step ahead. Finally, if you can quickly make smart decisions, you should play games that put you on the clock so that you can be rewarded for your speed. A true online board games champion can use all three of these skills in the same game! Think you got what it takes to get to that level?

Try Them All for Free

If you really want to find the best online board games to play for free, you should play something you’ve never played before – especially if you’re not very good at it. Find something new, revisit the classics, challenge your friends and make an entire day of it. These games are great for helping you solve problems in real life, so make sure to get plenty of practice in and share with your friends. Every single one of the online games in this category are free, just like the rest of our content, so there’s no risk in trying them all! What do you say, challenger? Can you sweep the entire category? We’ll see what the computer player has to say about that.    

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