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Free Games! How’s That for a Senior Discount?

Even when that favorite buffet of yours down the road discontinues their senior discount, don’t worry – these Games for Seniors will always be free. Hard to beat that value, don’t you think? Speaking of value, these games are really good for your brain and super fun as well. Plus, they’re an excellent way to pass the time or challenge your friends to beat your high score. There’s a bit of something for everybody, too. If you’ve spent many a night staying up too late playing cards with your friends, these games will bring the good times back to you. Better yet, you don’t have to wrangle everyone together on short notice – you can just play whenever you want for free! Did we mention they’re awesome for your brain?

Fun and Functional

You may have heard that more and more research is coming out in favor of games and their ability to boost brainpower. By playing adult games that require you to use your memory, language skills, coordination and other faculties, you are helping to fight off Alzheimer’s and dementia. Besides, these games will keep you nimble and spry so you can continue to do the things you love to do. Because you’re not old, you’re experienced! Playing these brain-boosting games makes all the difference when it comes to seniors maximizing their potential for activities. The more you exercise your brain, the better you will be able to do fun activities with your family, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and have just a little fun once in a while. You deserve it!

Take Your Pick from the Best Games for Seniors

Alright, now onto the actual games. As mentioned, there are plenty of card and board games in this category that will keep you dealing, rolling, and flipping for hours on end. There are also all kinds of games that require you to jog (or sprint) that memory. One thing that often gets overlooked in free games for seniors is the coordination element, so we made sure to include plenty of those. What does this entail, you ask? Well, you didn’t think we were just going to let you sit there and take all the time in the world to make each choice, did you? Think fast, tap here, drag that, and do it all before time runs out! We’re not going to take it easy on you, so be ready for action.

Memory, Matching, and Words Games for Seniors

What did you have for breakfast yesterday? When was the last time you went to a movie? If you have trouble answering questions like these, or even if you don’t, brain games for seniors wouldn’t be what they are without challenging your memory. There’s the classic card setup, where you have a set number of cards that are all face down in front of you, and you have to flip them in matching pairs. There are also dozens of fun spinoffs that require you to train your memory in other ways. In addition to memory, being able to point out similarities and differences in similar objects is also proven by research to be great for the brain. This is why we have included plenty of fun matching games for seniors in this fun category. But we’re not done yet! Ever heard of the temporal lobe? It’s an area of your brain responsible for language, and it needs to be exercised. This is why we have tons of online words games for seniors as well. And yes, absolutely all of them are free.

Coordination and Timing

No matter how much you pump up that brain with these words and memory games, it won’t do much good if you don’t train your body to go along with it. Even a genius still has to train his or her body to learn how to do a jumping jack, after all. This is a specific kind of intelligence we call coordination, and we all need it if we want to remain active long into our golden years. We really like the motor control practice games in this category because they’re tricky, surprising, and they give you a break from the other brain teasers in our collection.

Classic Board and Card Games

Ah, the classics. Nothing is better than a rousing round of your favorite card or board game. Even better, we don’t even have to alter these titles to make them good for your noggin, because they already are! Think about it: you have to remember what cards you have or what your piece is. You always have to keep the rules of the game in the back of your mind, and you need to interpret different shapes, numbers, and images to play. It’s a brain workout that you’ve already been doing for decades! The only difference is, now you can play them whenever and wherever you want for free.

Brain-Boosting Games Are Always a Win-Win

We’ve never been so proud to offer a category of games that actually has the potential to affect someone’s health in such a positive way. To get the most out of this category, we recommend trying as many games as you can and rotating them frequently. Each second of gameplay in these word and memory games for seniors (among others) is like a miniature workout for your brain, and we love it. Your brain will love these games for seniors too, and wouldn’t you know it, you’ll probably have a ton of fun in the process.


Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square
Microsoft Bubble
Amazing Sticky Hex
Microsoft Word Twister
Microsoft Jigsaw
Shopping Mall Tycoon
Microsoft Jewel
Sand Truck
Thirty One
Jumper Starman
Happy Filled Glass
Solitaire: Play Klondike Spider Freecell
Microsoft Minesweeper
Jumping Box
Water Sort Puzzle 2
Grid Blocks Puzzle
Jump Box Ninja
Microsoft Sudoku
Wave Run
Jump Color
Slide Stack
Tricky Shapes
Circle Collector
Chess Move
Mahjongg Dimensions Candy
Hangman 2
Digger Ball
Dino Egg Defense
Color Dots
Kick Color
Maze Challenge
Neon Rocket
Platforms Destroyer
Lucky Golden Piggies
Mine Sweeper
Color Wheel
Rotated Cups
Taxi Pickup
Amazing Dominoes
Bounce Prediction
Sliding Blocks
Maze Control
Casual Checkers
Paper Blocks Hexa
99 Balls Evo
Santa Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Sliding Escape
Sugar Mahjong
Classic Klondike Solitaire Card Game
365 Solitaire Gold
Gem II
49 Puzzle
Kings &a; Queens Solitaire Tripeaks
Water Flow
Master Checkers Multiplayer
Reversi Multiplayer
Domino Multiplayer
Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Mahjong Link
Royal Vegas Solitaire
Jul Trivia Quiz
Mahjong Firefly
Brain Out
The Unique Fish
Sock Flow
Endless Tunnel
Mysterious Forest Escape
Mahjong Remix
Solitaire Tripeaks
Sky Tower Higher
Zoo Mahjong Deluxe
Hot Air Solitaire
Super Sneakers Memory
Back to School Mahjong
21 Blitz
Mahjong Sweet Connection
Fit The Ball 3D
Battleships Pirates
Phase 10
Battleships Armada
Classic 2048 Puzzle
Two Ball 3D
Dominoes Deluxe
Mahjong Connect Halloween
Happy Glass Puzzles 2
Pet Connect
Butterfly Kyodai
Draw Physics Line
Falling Apples Drawing
Brain Buster
Xmas Sudoku
Quick Sudoku
Draw One Line
Sudoku Challenge
Hexa Blocks
Sudoku Daily
Casual Crossword
Classic Hangman
Trivia Quiz
Casual Chess
Pocket Pool
Amazing Word Search
Checkers 3D
Backgammon Multiplayer
Amazing Freecell Solitaire
Battleship War Multiplayer
Impossible Tic Tac Toe
Happy Glass Puzzles
10x10 Block Puzzle
2048 cards
Lightning Cards
Super Mahjong 3D
Fun Game Play Mahjong
Mahjong Dynasty
Mahjong Connect 2
Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty
Mahjong Classic
3D Mahjong
Krismas Mahjong
Mahjong Titans
Kris Mahjong
Mahjong Connect
Amazing Spider Solitaire
Amazing Klondike Solitaire
FGP Pyramid Solitaire
Spider Solitaire
Solitaire 2
Crescent Solitaire
Governor of Poker 2

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