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Who says that school can’t help you get better at video games? All that work you out into learning about state capitals, animals and plants, history and so on is about to be put to excellent use with these online quiz games for children and adults alike. Don’t worry, this category won’t feel like school. We made sure to fill it with quiz games that prioritize fun first. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to flex your mental muscles at the same time, right? That’s exactly what you’ll be up to in each of these quiz games online. Answer questions, earn points, beat levels, set records and do it all over again!

Are You A Single-Subject Expert or a Know-it-All?

Before you break into the rapid-fire quiz games questions (many of these are timed), it’s important that you take stock of your expertise. Are you the one that everybody goes to with math problems? Do you crack riddles like eggs? In other words, what are you an expert in? Whatever the answer to that question is, it may guide you to the free quiz games that you should try first. Of course, sometimes it’s better to practice what you aren’t good at, right? Or maybe you know a little about a lot. Either way, we have tons of fun quizzes for young and old, spanning all kinds of topic areas.


What makes science quiz games so fun? How about explosions, cool chemical reactions, gravity-defying riddles and all sorts of awesome trivia? For example, did you know that you can catch a lizard by pouring cold water on it? They won’t be able to run away because the sharp drop in body temperature causes their metabolism to slow down, meaning they don’t have the energy to move until they warm up again. Pretty cool, right? Even if you don’t do so hot on your first couple runs through these science quiz games, you will definitely learn a lot as you check your answers. But hey, just because these fun quiz games test your brain, doesn’t mean they have to be like school. Let’s talk movies!


There are so many tricky ways that a movie quiz can text your knowledge of all kinds of cinematic masterpieces, from kiddy classics to Oscar-worthy hits. In these movie quiz games, you’ll have to do much more than simply naming which actors were in the movie. These fun and challenging questionnaires will test your knowledge of the plot, the setting in which the movie took place, the year it was released, and much more. We suggest you don’t even consider making your way through this sub-category until you’ve watched at least a hundred movies! Even then, you might get your movie stars crossed. But hey, what’s the point of movie quiz games or any other kind if you don’t learn something new?


Who doesn’t love animals? Everybody has at least one furry, scaly, or four-legged favorite, but you’ll need to know much more than one animal to master these online animal quiz games. In order to bone up, you might want to go to the zoo, or watch your favorite movie with lots of animals in it (that’s a two for one – movies and animals!). We have easy quizzes and hard quizzes for little girls and boys as well as adults. You’ll have hours of fun identifying animals and answering fun and interesting questions about them. Let’s start with a warm-up question: what’s the technical term for a flock of crows? A murder!


Whether you’re thinking about it or not, you see hundreds and hundreds of logos and each every day. When you’re surfing on your tablet, driving around town, watching TV, going to dinner or practically anything else outside of the house, logos are absolutely everywhere. You may not think it, but you’re probably a logo master by now! To find out, try our Logo quiz games and you just may surprise yourself. The easiest version just shows you the logo and asks for the business name. In tougher versions, the logo may be altered in some way. Think you can score an A on your next logo quiz? Let’s find out.

Quiz Games for Kids and Adults Alike

Whatever subject area you choose, whether it’s a science quiz, movie quiz, animal quiz or even a wordquiz, the best part about this category is that we have all kinds of difficulty levels. We have really tough quizzes for adults, involving longer and more specific questions. We also have easier quizzes for kids. We have quizzes for boys and for girls, but hey – who’s to say you can’t play them all? Heck, why not make your own “online games quiz bowl” and sweep the whole category? That would be impressive.

Ready to Quit the Quiz? Try These!

If you want to keep showing off your smarts, but you’ve had enough of the quizzes for now, there’s no reason to hang it up just yet! You can always head over to our thinking games category for a different type of challenge. Quizzes, puzzles, quick-thinking games – you never know what you’re going to find over there! Also, if you prefer tongue-twisters and wordy riddles over standard quizzes, we have a full library of word games just waiting for you! For now, though, online quiz games are a great place to start. Ready to ace it, brainy?

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