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The Strongest Muscle

No, it’s not in your legs - the strongest muscle in the body is by far the brain! Why not give it some exercise with free logic games online while having fun at the same time? Logic games go way back before Pac-Man in the 1980s. You can’t get through these games by simply “button-mashing” (no offense, Galaga) - you have to use higher levels of thinking to reason your way out of tricky situations.

Since online logic games have evolved, they have found new ways to test your brain power - it’s not just running away from creepy ghosts anymore. You need to make sure that you can adapt to the challenges created by each level. You will have to find opportunities to escape danger in the smallest of details. You will have to analyze every puzzle from multiple different angles. Most of all, you will always have to think creatively.

Of course, it doesn’t require a Ph.D. in astrophysics to triumph over a logic game online, just a quick and creative mind. If you can stick to a  set of techniques, which we will outline for you below, you should be able to conquer any logic game that challenges you. Oh, and while you’re working on that, don’t forget why you started gaming in the first place: because it’s fun!

Below, we’ve laid out some tips for success if you are new to logic games.

Tips For Beginners

While our tips will help beginners get through free logic games with much less hassle and much more fun, they aren’t guarantees. As logic games evolve, so must your strategy. That being said, these three tips will get you very far.

Look for patterns: Many logic games will use patterns, whether they intend to or not, that you can take advantage of if you can recognize them when they occur. For example, if you notice that the enemies blocking your path to the goal always walk around in a set patrol route, you can quickly dip around them to get to the next level. If you can figure out where the next card is going to pop up in a matching game, you’re several steps ahead. This is our number one tip: always keep your eyes peeled for patterns!

Find shortcuts: This is kind of tied in with the first tip. If you can find a pattern, you can often use that to find or even create your own shortcut. Remember when you first discovered that you could move off of the right side of the screen to reappear on the left side of the screen in Pac-Man? You may have discovered that by watching the ghosts do the same thing. Oftentimes, shortcuts help you skip around the most dangerous parts of a level.

Be creative: Don’t just do exactly what the game tells you to do, be a creative rebel! Challenge the game by doing something that you’re not “supposed to.” Sure, you might just lose, but sometimes, you’ll be surprised at the secrets you can unlock when you just take a chance on creative exploration. That’s what logic games are all about!

The best logic games challenge you to discover new ways of thinking creatively to solve complex problems. With each level that you conquer, you learn valuable problem-solving skills that can help you in real life as well. Always remember to be patient, think out each move, and most of all, have fun!

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