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Guess Right, Or It’s the Gallows for You!

Perform better under a little pressure, do you? If so, then you’re really going to love these Hangman games. If you don’t, well, we hope you’ve made peace with your maker, because losing a Hangman game means that you’ll hang! That’s right, you’ll dangle from a rope like an outlaw at the end of his career. Well, your character will, anyway. That’s why we love online Hangman games – they take what would be an ordinary word game and add an intense layer of urgency to them. For goodness sakes, if a man’s life “hanging in the balance” isn’t enough to get you to play your very best, then nothing is! The question is, how many games of Hangman will it take for you to spare our poor friend? First things first: let’s cover how to play Hangman.

How to Play Hangman

Originally, it was played on paper, but online Hangman is no different when it comes to the basic rules. On the gameboard is drawn a noose, and at the bottom, you should see a number of dashes that correspond to a word or phrase. If the answer takes the form of multiple words, then the groups of dashes representing each word will be separated by a space, just as we do when we write or type. For example, if the answer is “mind your manners,” the game board would read like this, “_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _”. In regular and online Hangman, there are two players: the person (or computer) who knows the answer, and the person who is guessing letters. For each letter that the guesser gets wrong, another piece of the hanged man is drawn (arm, leg, head, etc). If the player guesses a letter correctly, then the other player will mark down every instance of that letter in the corresponding dashes. The objective in online Hangman games? Guess all the letters before the man is fully drawn, which will save his life!  

Hangman Games Unblocked

Now that you’ve got the gist of the Hangman games setup, let’s talk about blockers. Have you ever heard of an “unblocked” game? It means that, no matter which computer you’re on (school, home, library or whatever), you can always access the game without being shut down by those pesky filters that keep the game from loading up. These Hangman games unblocked versions are all perfectly playable in a standard web browser, so just pull one up and start guessing! Play for free online any time, anywhere. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to pepper in a little variety. What, you didn’t think the Hangman games tradition just stayed the way it was all these years, eh?

Everyone’s Welcome to Hang!

Sure, it may have started out as a game that was scratched onto a piece of paper by people who had nothing better to do, but the Hangman games tradition has grown much since then. There are plenty of versions available for people of all ages and preferences, and we’ve made sure to include lots of variety in this category. For example, some newer Hangman word games have word search functions, hints, “redo” buttons, levels, and even bonuses! The Hangman rules rarely change, but we’ve certainly had a lot of fun adding on extra features. This makes Hangman 2-player or solo one of the best online games for kids and for adults.  

Kids (for kids, easy words, clues)

It may not seem super kid-friendly at first, what with the capital punishment and all, but Hangman online is actually great for kids. It’s the perfect opportunity to make word games fun, so kids will want to keep playing and learning. We have several Hangman kids games that feature smaller words, silly characters and eye-catching level design. In addition to making the words a little bit smaller, adding more “accessories” to the Hangman (hair, clothing, shoes, etc.) before he dangles is another way to make the game a little bit easier and even more fun. Of course, we’re firm supporters of adult gamers too, so let’s take a look at free Hangman games that stump even the cleverest of grown guessers.

Adults (for adults, hard words) 

Hangman-online for adults is all about expanding that vocabulary. Sure, our kids may think we know everything, but in truth, most of us could do with a little extra “inculcation,” to use a fancy word as an example. If you really want a challenge, play our online Hangman games on the hardest difficulties. You’ll come across long and complicated words like “lackadaisical” and “salubrious,” so be ready to scratch your head! Just remember, hard words means a lower chance of survival for our poor little character. That’s why online Hangman games for adults are even tougher! 

Prefer Less Lethal Letters? Try These Instead

If you don’t want to be responsible for a fictional character’s death, we understand – the pressure can get to the best of us. Don’t give up on word games yet, however, because we have tons of other selections that don’t involve gambling someone’s life. If you want to do it all, including finding, guessing, unscrambling words and so forth, then head on over to our word games category. If you would prefer to go diving into a sea of random letters in hopes of surfacing with a word, try our many search a word games and let us know how you do. Either way, play with the knowledge that you’re helping your brain to buff up a little bit while you have fun. Good luck, we hope that noose has a slow day!

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