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Dash Through Hazardous Levels in These Running Games

A wise man once said, “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.” That couldn’t be more appropriate for this free running games category, we're full speed ahead is your only option! We’ve filled this category with all kinds of roadblocks. Your only job is to run over, around, or right through them. Sprint your way through creepy, haunted tombs or take to the streets of your city. Make it down the endless course for as long as you can and show off your high scores! If you’re lucky, you may even make it to the leaderboard! The thrill of playing to get the best scores is what makes running games part of our huge collection of arcade games. For now, just keep your eyes ahead and your fingers on those buttons, because you will have to think quickly if you want to make it far.

The Art of Running Without Running

Sure, in most of these free running games, you’re “hoofing it” with your own two feet. Some of these classic titles, though, give you the added advantage of four wheels under your feet! In our fun skateboard games, you whiz down the street on your tricked-out board as you dodge traffic cones, security guards, and other dangerous obstacles. Some “runners” even put you in a vehicle, if that’s more your speed. Be careful, though: with the added advantages of wheels comes quicker reaction times. After all, it’s easier to dodge something when you’re not barreling towards it at 60 miles an hour! Whatever you prefer, this category is all about timing your moves perfectly to avoid danger. Whether it’s your own two feet, a skateboard, or a vehicle, they all wipe out the same.

How to Stay Alive

Depending on your character, your equipment, and the level of environment, there are many ways to stay alive in our category of free running games. Sometimes, it’s best to simply squeak your way around each obstacle. In other cases, you will need to go vaulting over each roadblock that crosses your path. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find a way to just smash right through everything in your way! So, what’s your play style? Do you love the thrill of weaving through traffic, leaping through the air, or powerfully punching your way through everything? We’ve got multiple online running games to fit each of these fun play styles. Whichever you choose, you better get good at it, or they’re going to have to peel you off the pavement like a sticker!

Master the Weave

There’s something about slicing through obstacles and traffic that is so satisfying and challenging. We love endless runners that provide three or four lanes because this allows you to quickly weave in and out of hazards like a real pro. What’s the trick to succeeding with this fearless technique? Keep your eyes as far ahead as you can so you can stay ahead of the game. That way, when trouble comes your way, you won’t be taken by surprise. Keep your hands at the ready and, when it’s time, switch lanes quickly! This method gets even more challenging and fun when you have to grab tokens and bonuses at the same time. One false move, and you’ll be sent tumbling down the track – not running.


Who needs to weave in and out when you can simply hurdle over every hazard that you come across? Whether it’s a speeding car, a stack of tires, piled-up boxes, or whatever else, nothing can trip you up if you simply sail over it. This may sound easier than switching lanes, but it comes with a catch. You have to time your jumps just right to stay alive. If you jump too early, you’ll either smack onto the trunk of the car or get hit by a second car behind it. Timing is very important if you’re going to jump over everything, so make sure to master it! To train your jumping and agility skills, play our free jumping games online. Oh yeah, did we mention you have to grab tokens at the same time?

Plow Right Through

It’s not always an option, but when you can, there’s no better way to get past obstacles in online running games than simply plowing right through. Usually, this means earning or finding a power-up that gives you a special shield. It won’t last forever, so make sure you’re ready to move as soon as it pops off. In the meantime, though, enjoy powering through any and every obstacle that comes your way. Are you ready to run, crazy legs? Let’s see how far down the stretch you can make it!

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