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From the Big Screen to the Computer Screen

For more than seventy years now, we’ve had the pleasure (and the terror) of watching zombie films, which have inspired some of the best zombie games to date. Needless to say, these movies and games aren’t exactly heavy on the dialogue. Zombies aren’t exactly well-spoken. After rising from the grave or being bitten by another zombie, the undead are only interested in one thing: brains! Sure, they’re not exactly fast and athletic, but there are a lot of them. In this category, you’re definitely going to need to stock up on ammo if you want to survive, which is why zombie games are part of our online survival games. But wait, who says that all zombies are bad?

Friend or Foe?

Sure, most of them want to snack on your brains like a gourmet appetizer, but some of them are your friends! That’s right, times are changing. Some zombies have lost their taste for brains, and just want to have fun. Whether they are with you or against you, zombie games online always focus on one or more important themes. If it doesn’t have one of these exciting objectives, it doesn’t make our best zombie games collection!


What could be more motivating than the will to survive itself? The most classic game mode in the zombie game genre is pure, all-out survival. There are dozens or even hundreds of them and one of you. You’ve loaded your gun and planted your feet - you’re not going anywhere. Waves upon waves of snarling, slobbering flesh-eaters throw themselves at you in hopes of a meal. It’s up to you to deny them. If you’re lucky, you can get your back to a wall and pick them off from a distance. If you’re not so lucky, you will be surrounded on all sides... Either way, you will have to be quick and resourceful to survive. Use anything you can to create barriers and get a leg up.


Losing your own life is one thing, but when the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, the game gets even more intense! The world is being overrun by zombies, and you are part of the last colony of survivors. They depend on you to protect the human race against the zombie invasion. You’re outnumbered at least 50 to one, and you’re the only one who has had any kind of combat training, so the pressure is on. Draw a line in the dirt at the edge of the survivor’s colony and stand behind it. If any of those slimy, smelly zombies want to get across it, they’re going to have to go through you first. Phew, chills!


Who says you always have to be the victim in this scenario? Some of the best zombie games around have shown us how to flip the script and go on the offensive. Yes, they number more than you, but does that mean you’re just going to wait until they are knocking on your door? Find them before they find you. Track them down, keep that gun loaded, and always remember to aim for the head. If you prefer to “run and gun” instead of staying planted, extermination game modes may be the way to go. If you need some practice before facing the zombies, play some of our free shooting games online.

Listen If You Want to Live

Look, zombies aren’t exactly complicated. They’re cold, dumb, and hungry. That being said, they can still be tough to kill if you don’t know how to handle them. The following tips have been passed down from generations of free zombie games experts. If you want to survive for more than a few seconds, you might want to take notice.

Right Between the Eyes…

If you didn’t know already, zombies aren’t affected that much by body shots. Especially if you are low on ammo and time, you will definitely want to aim for the head. This will cut down on reloading and can save you the precious seconds you need to move on to your next target. If your weapon is powerful enough, you may even be able to hit multiple targets at once! What’s that saying? Two heads are better than one.

Be Resourceful

In most zombie games online, you don’t exactly have a lot of high-tech weapons and gadgets to use against your foes. Just remember, anything can be a weapon when wielded by a determined hand. The same concept goes for defense. Even a cheap plywood box, if you stand on it, can put a couple of extra feet between you and your undead attackers.

Crowd Management is a Must

Zombies aren’t exactly the most free-thinking and independent of monsters. They usually travel in packs - especially when they are on the hunt for brains! That being said, you need to be equipped to handle not one, not a dozen, but hundreds of zombies coming at you! If you’re using a little peashooter that takes 10 shots to down each zombie, you’re not going to last very long. The trick is to maximize your firepower so that you can take out multiple foes at once. Shotguns are good, grenades are great, and rockets are even better!

Our Free Zombie Games Collection

We have dedicated our zombie games online category to titles that capture the best parts of the genre. We want you to feel the adrenaline rush of the last stand against endless waves of enemies. Scrounge for ammo and build defenses as you protect the last remaining survivors. Craft and unlock stronger weapons to blow your enemies to bits. Most of all, our collection of free zombie games will bring out your heroic side.

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