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Just Stay Alive!

It doesn’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to be the best in the world to win here. In survival games, all you’re playing for is your own life! Things have gone from bad to worse in one way or another, and you’re the last person still standing. Well, it’s you and hundreds of enemies – you’re the last good person standing. You don’t have a lot of resources, either. You will have to scrap together what you can, fight off the enemies and/or make it through a deadly arena to make it through these survival games online without paying the ultimate price. Most of all, you will have to keep a cool head. One wrong move, and you’re toast! 

Survival Games Are All About the Gear

The warning call has been sounded, and the enemy is at your gates. You don’t have much time to prepare, and everyone else has already perished, so hurry up and find some weapons! It looks like you’re starting with a rusty service pistol and a few rounds of ammo. Certainly not much to go off of, but you should be able to find more once you get a few kills. These free online survival games are filled with upgradable gear, pickups and power boosts. Make sure to always keep your eye out for these bonuses as you bag some kills, run through the level and spend your hard-earned loot. Starting level ten with that rusty pistol? Not a great idea.

Shoot, Dodge, Run and Don’t Stop

One of our favorite features from good survival games is the variety of gameplay. Sure, you can pick a spot to make a last stand against wave after wave of enemies, but what if you need to get somewhere fast or escape? Some free survival games require you to take bad guys out, avoid obstacles and run away, all at the same time! So, before you jump into the best survival games category on the Internet, ask yourself this question: Is it better to go down swinging or make a run for it? The choice is yours, so choose wisely and commit to your decision.

Take on Entire Armies

We wish we could tell you that these unblocked survival games only involved one-on-one, or even ten-on-one combat, but it’s going to take much more than a few lucky shots to make this problem go away. The best open world survival games have a way of throwing wave after wave of enemies at you while also increasing your firepower with weapon upgrades and powerups. You’ll be bagging hundreds of kills, not just a few, and each level of these free online survival games will feel more intense than the last. Don’t believe us? Step right up and give it a try. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. Wait, who’s that coming towards us? Oh no…

Invaders from Afar

While you and your allies were sleeping peacefully the night before the attack, an enemy force was camped right outside your little village. The best survival games start with disaster. The enemy strikes. They take your people by surprise. Everyone is dead, but somehow, as if by fate, you’re the only one left standing. If you want to honor the memory of your fallen brothers and sisters, you will have to fight, run, and most of all – survive. Take out the enemy soldiers with no mercy. After all, what mercy did they show you? Of course, it’s not always an army that’s after you. Sometimes, it’s an evil organization.

Corrupt Bad Guys

Pretty creepy, isn’t it? People who you work with, live with, or even hang out with can turn on you before you know it, which is exactly what happens in some of these free survival games. You may start out thinking that you’re surrounded by trusted friends, but in reality, you’re about to be pounced on by a ring of corrupt bad guys! For whatever reason, they want you dead. Don’t give them the satisfaction, and don’t go easy on them just because they were once your allies. They’ll throw every henchman they have at you, so make sure you have an answer for them in the form of a serious beatdown! 


Of course, what could be more classic in the free and unblocked survival games genre than swarms of pale, smelly zombies rushing at you? At first, everyone just seemed to be really sick. Then, it got worse, and they died. You thought you were the only survivor, but when you woke up the next day, they rose out of the ground as horrifying zombies and started limping straight towards you. Guns, rockets, grenades, whatever you have to use, use it. We love zombie-style online survival games so much, we even have an entire zombie games category dedicated to these ugly creatures! Better have plenty of ammo for these baddies, because they don’t go down easily.

High Score or Bust

Want to know a secret? We probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but did you know that some of these games never end? Sorry to break it to you, but you’re going to bite the dust either way. Don’t get too bummed, because you can use these never-ending survival contests to show off some really nice high scores by playing our huge collection of highscore games. Shoot, survive, die, repeat. Good luck out there, and remember: no fancy stuff, just watch your back and crush anyone in your way!

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