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It’s Time to Brave the Final Frontier!

What better environment to enjoy epic battles, crazy flying stunts, and cool discoveries than the endless vacuum of space? This is the final frontier, kid – you’re a long way from home. There’s no backup and nowhere to run if you get into trouble. You have to take care of yourself, no matter what happens out there. Strap on that spacesuit on hop in your ship, because there’s work to be done! In this online space games category, we are proud to carry on a tradition that’s been going strong since Galaga in 1981. It wouldn’t be an online space games category without super sleek ships, zooming asteroids and, of course, plenty of vicious aliens to take out! Of course, we’ve added plenty of new twists to keep you guessing. Ready to cruise the cosmos? Let’s go!

Play Your Favorite Kind of Space Games

What thrills and dangers await you in this endless environment? There’s only one way to find out. Say goodbye to your loved ones, because you may never come back – that’s the cost of being a space explorer. You train for months for this moment, so be proud! Once you are ready for your mission, you will come across plenty of unexpected challenges. One second, you’re fighting off an invasion of slimy aliens, and the next, you’re trying to blast you way out of a huge asteroid field! You might even have to fight off an arsenal of alien ships by yourself – anything goes up here in space. So, what’s your favorite way to explore the final frontier? Do you like to leap from planet to planet at lightspeed, or do you prefer to get up close and personal with armies of baddies? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite game types in the online space games category.

Daring Pilots and Deadly Asteroids

Even if you don’t come across a single enemy, simply flying around in space can be a deadly activity in itself. One second, you’re cruising along with nothing around you for miles and miles. You turn on the autopilot so you can use the bathroom, and when you get back to your captain’s chair – oh no! You’re smack in the middle of an asteroid field! Looks like you’re going to have to fire up those blasters after all. The real question is this: Can you flip around those asteroids and blast them at the same time? Well, you better, because in space, no one can hear your screams for help! If you want to play more games where you can be the pilot of a rocket, check out our free spaceship games.

Lasers at Full Power!

Who says that you have to be on the planet to save it? Satellites have detected a huge number of asteroids and even small planets hurtling directly towards the Earth! All of the other fighter pilots have been taken out by these humongous space boulders, so it’s up to you and you alone to save the planet. Get those lasers ready and prime the thrusters, because it’s now or never! Upgrade your lasers, grab shields, and do whatever else you have to do to blast all of those pesky asteroids to smithereens. We absolutely love this type of game because it adds so much pressure and excitement! If even one asteroid sneaks behind you, it could spell doom for your home planet. Aim true, and remember: Earth’s fate hangs in the balance. Try our shooting games online to shoot not only lasers but other weapons, too!


Sometimes, instead of going to space, space comes to you. Usually, if video games are any indication, it is not a pleasant visit. In these cool alien games, there is often a single hero who dares defy them. This responsibility is yours alone, brave warrior. Load up the biggest gun you can find, stand your ground, and wait for those ugly aliens to come to you! Once you rack up about a hundred kills or so, you won’t be so afraid. Here that off in the distance? I think they’re headed this way!

Soldier or Space Sailor – Which Are You?

Of course, free space games don’t have to be all about blowing stuff up and killing aliens. Space can be a beautiful place when it’s not sending invaders to your home world. There’s a lot to explore and no map for you to look at, so choose a direction and set off into the unknown! We love games that encourage exploration, so we’ve made sure to include plenty of planet-hopping games in this category for you. Of course, if you’re all about action, that’s just fine. After all, lasers are always fun! Well, when they’re not streaking at you, that is.

Earth is Counting On You!

Whatever you decide to do in this free space games category, just remember that your people are counting on you. We need to find new planets so we can move there and start civilizations. We have to protect our precious planet from nasty aliens who want to steal our resources. Most importantly, we just want to satisfy our curiosity. We want to know what lives in those stars that we look up at night. If you’re brave enough, it could be you one day.

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