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We Westerners especially have had a fascination with gun-toting heroes and violent shootouts since long before shooting games hit the scene. John Wayne, James Bond, and other revered characters from action movies helped to pave the way for what we refer to today as an “FPS,” or first-person shooter. Speaking of, the first shooter was developed earlier than you might think. Way back in 1973, NASA researchers developed a game they called Maze War for a type of computer most of us don’t even recognize: the “Imlac PDS-1.” Though this game obviously didn’t shine a candle graphically to the modern shooters we have in this free online shooting games category, it had all the essentials covered: run around a map in first-person view, see enemies, shoot enemies, and win. Since then, the gaming industry has seen hit franchise after hit franchise in the shooter department, from Doom (1993) to Call of Duty and just about everything in-between. Rest assured, if your trigger finger needs some exercise, we’re here to help you out!

Bet You Didn’t Know That!

They may seem like one-dimensional, shoot-em-up titles at first glance, but did you know that many of our online shooting games merge other genres into the gameplay as well? For example, we have free shooting games that allow you to explore the cosmos (although you might be distracted from all the beauty while shooting aliens). We have free shooting games with plenty of RPG elements, like making plot-altering decisions, earning and upgrading armor, and so on, and we also have shooting games that incorporate riddles. And by the way, who says you always have to be shooting a gun at bad guys? If you’ve had enough bloodshed for the moment, you can always shoot bubbles at bricks. Ready to dive into this surprisingly diverse genre? We can’t wait to see you in our shooting games category, deadeye!

Is Your Trigger Finger Itching?

If you want to show hordes of bumbling bad guys how you got the nickname “ace,” then jump into one of our unblocked shooting games online and start picking ‘em off! All of our shooting games are unblocked, meaning they can be played on most computers, no matter where you are. There’s nothing like dropping an unsuspecting enemy with the perfect shot – right between the eyes! Don’t take too long to celebrate each kill, however, because you are very, very outnumbered in most of these intense battles. Dig in, fortify your position, and let the bullets, grenades, and even rockets fly in these adrenaline-pumping free shooting games.

Ammo Is Low, Stakes Are High

Whether you play shooting games online to save mankind or simply show off your “plinking” skills, every missed shot will cost you dearly in these classic shooters. You don’t have too many bullets, and you’re even shorter on time. So take your time, but not too much, because your enemies will overcome you if they get too close. And trust us, after many failed tries, we can tell you firsthand that it’s not a pretty sight when that happens…

Reach the top of the leaderboard

Sure, you could manage to barely scrape by each level if you’re a halfway decent shot, but a real gunslinger gets the job done with a certain finesse. If it looks like you barely had to try, you’re definitely doing it right! Think you have what it takes to make it look easy when playing our shooting games online? Then try your hand at our thrilling titles! Some shooting games are all about getting the best score, and one of them is the multiplayer fps game Bullet Bonanza. In this fun shooting game, you are playing as a fun animal character with other online players. Find great hiding spots, pick up amazing weapons like the rocket launcher and fire away! Do you have what it takes to claim the first place?

Pick a Spot, Load Your Gun and Make Your Last Stand!

Sometimes, you don’t need to come to the enemies – they’ll come to you. Well, they’re not taking your home without a fight. Your back is to the wall, so load up as much ammo as you can and don’t let go of that trigger until they’re all dead! Of course, many of these games throw wave after wave of endless enemies at you. Don’t let their lack of speed fool you, because your screen will be thick with enemies before you know it. Whether you’re fighting skeletons, zombies, or just plain old bad guys, the strategy is the same. Mow them down as quickly as you can, because if they cross your line, you’re done for!

Choose Your Tool of Destruction

Who says you need to use a gun to show off your marksmanship skills? Anything can become a lethal weapon in the hands of an expert – even a couple of pieces of wood and a string. We have plenty of archery shooting games for deadeyes who like to keep it traditional. If you want to be a real online shooting games pro, you’ll need to show us your skills from a distance as well. Anyone can bullseye a target that’s ten feet in front of them with a little practice, but how are you at 300 meters? How about 500? That little pistol isn’t going to do it from there, friend. Load up one of our sniper shooting games and take out your targets before they know what hit them.

Play How You Want

No game category is complete without multiple ways to play, but if you simply want more action, go check out all of our free action games. If you want to master your skills before challenging any of your friends, you can test your shooting abilities against the computer for a while. When it’s time to go head-to-head with your rivals, though, pull up one of our PVP shooting games, draw your weapon, and blast away! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a 2-player shooting game either. To give you even more ways to play, we’ve made sure these games are available on iOS as well. That’s right, you can play your favorite online shooting games from your phone or tablet. Get that tapping finger ready, because it just might save your life!

Auto Shooter
Cyborg Slayer
Soldier Legend
Hitman Rush
Tanking Tanks
Slime Hunter
Warzone Strike
Special Strike Zombies
Duck Shooter Game
Galactic War
Bullet Rush Online
Super Tank War
Super Buddy Archer
Zombie Idle Defense Online
Mr. Hunter
Tiny Archer 2
Moon Clash Heroes
Mr. Bullet 3D
Atari Centipede
Atari Missile Command
Atari Asteroids
Crazy Goat Hunter
Sector 781
Bullet Rush
Brutal Zombies
Rage Road Online
Neon Invaders
Snowball War: Space Shooter
Spore Hunter
Drunken Duel 2
Mr. Cop Master
Xmas Panda Run
Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter
Snowball Fight
Christmas Adventure
Snowball Fast
Perfect Snipe Online
Zombie Shooter 2D
Stick Archery
Invace Spaders
Zombie Hunters Arena
Pixel hero Warfare
Orc Hunter Halloween
Air Force Attack
Dead Zed
Sniper Trigger
Forest Brothers
Tank Wars
Grand Commander
Angry Cat Shot
Hit Em Up
Military Shooter Training
Shooter Rush
Pixel Wars Apocalypse Zombie
WW2 Cold War Game FPS
Combat Strike Zombie Survival Multiplayer
Pixel Arena Game FPS
Fly or Die
Stupid Zombies 2
Wizards vs Swamp Creatures
Space Battle
Kill That
Drunken Duel
Heads Mayhem
Avoid Dying
Bowmastery Zombies
Mini Royale 2
Archer Warrior
Ultimate Disc
Axe Throw
Air Fight
Stick Tank Wars 2
Shoot The Turtle
Flower Shooter
Sentry Guardian
Johnny Revenge
Viking Escape
Galactic Judge
Jet Boi
Warzone Getaway 2020
Gone Fishing
The Fishercat Online
High Noon Hunter
Cyber Hunter
Janissary Battles
Mafia Wars
Skull Hunter
EG Duck Hunter
Dinosaur Hunter Survival
Pinata Zombie Hunter
Zombie Hunter
Mummy Hunter
Zombie Hunter Lemmy
Zombie Mission 4
Mr Bullet 2 Online
Alien Hunter 2
Target Hunt
Hunter Assassin
Dead Zombie Hunting
Dinosaur Hunting Dino Attack 3D
Big Game Hunting
Super Rocket Buddy
Helicopter Shooter
Heli Defence
Ragdoll Duel
Cannon Shoot Online
Anti Virus Game
Alien Town
Flipping Gun Simulator
Knock Off
Military Defense Shooting
Nova Defender
Stickman Shooter 2
Robo Battle
Super Robo Fighter
Robots vs Cowboys
Robotic Invasion
Tiny Battle
Army Of Soldiers Worlds War
Army Of Soldiers Resistance
Metal Guns Fury: Beat Em Up
Dragon Shooter
Shot Trigger
Cube Battle Royal
Knife Shooter
Stickman Maverick: Bad Boys Killer
Winter Clash 3D
Paper War
Wild Hunter Sniper Buck
Legendary Sniper
Sniper 3D Target Shooting
Sniper Strike
Sniper Ultimate Assassin 2
Commando Sniper: Cs War
Neon Tank Arena
Tank Stormy
Defend The Tank
Blob Tank Wars
Tank Rumble
Classical Deer Sniper Hunting 2019
Tank vs Golems
Blast Red!
Neon Battle Tank
Tank Fury
Baseball Fury
Defense of the Tank
Tank vs Tiles
Tank Battle Arena
Battle Tank
Tank Battle War Commander
Mini Tanks
FPS Sniper Shooter: Battle Survival
Tank Forces Survival
Sniper Ultimate Assassin
Flappy Shooter
Bomb Balls 3D
Space Blaze 2
Mexico Rex
Neon Blaster 2
Archery Strike
PinataMasters Online
Mad Truck Challenge Special
Mr Bullet Online
Sniper Clash 3D
Bouncing Balls
Apple Shooter
Swift Cats
Angry Cat
Cat Gunner Vs. Zombies
Agent Curiosa : Rogue Robots
Stickman Sniper 3
Stickman Sniper: Tap To Kill
Sniper vs. Zombies
Crazy Sniper Shooter
Super Sniper Assassin
Bacteria Monster Shooter
Dragon Killer
Snow Ball Warrior
Snowball Office Fight
Christmas Defense For Gifts
Christmas Challenge
Run Santa Run
Dracula, Frankenstein &a; Co
Rooftop Snipers
Sherwood Shooter
Airport Clash 3D
Gibbets Master
Mad Day 2 Special
Vampires and Garlic
Exoclipse Drones
Tank Battle io Multiplayer
EG Tanks Wars
Tank Shootout
Shoot The Words
Neon Blaster
Cyber Soldier
Crazy Shooters 2
Spy Car
Paintball Racers
Bubble Burst
Bottle Shoot
Rocket Clash 3D
Miami Crime Simulator 3D
Hunter 3D
Farm Clash 3D
The Spear Stickman
Stickmen Vs Zombies
Stickman War
Stickman Shooter
Stickman Army : The Resistance
Stickman Army : The Defenders
Stickman Army : Team Battle
Stickman Archery
Stickman Archer 4
Stickman Archer 3
Stickman Archer
Stick Tank Wars
Zombies vs Halloween
Zombie Massacre

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