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Maybe if those savages over the hilltop would clean out their dingy castle once in a while, they wouldn’t have to come over and assault our tower. In this free tower defense games online category, your mission is simple: don’t let the enemy in. It may be a simple idea, but it could cost you in blood if you aren’t very smart with your defenses. The enemy force has no respect for your borders, and they’re marching right onto your land to try and conquer it. Fortify your position behind the wall, and set up your defenses to take them out before they can make it to the front door! It’s going to take resources, hard work and smart strategizing, but if you can manage these things, you’ll survive by the skin of your teeth.

Unblocked Tower Defense Games

It’s the enemy that needs blocking, not the hero! As the valiant defender in this story, you have every right to play the top tower defense games without worrying about being blocked. Some school computers and other public devices have blockers to prevent games, but we have found our way around that. Just pull up a web browser, choose your tower defense game unblocked version and get ready to defend.

Build Your Defenses

Speaking of defending, let’s go over the basics of a good tower defense game. In almost every tower defense game online, there’s a path leading to your tower that the enemy will travel down. It’s your job to quickly build forts, small towers and other weaponized buildings to take these invaders out before they can make it to the end of the path and pound your door down. You can launch missiles, spray acid, shoot arrows and even bathe your enemies in flames! It doesn’t matter exactly how you do it, just as long as it gets done. The enemy will come to you in waves, so don’t celebrate too much after that first victory. This is how tower defense is very similar to many of our favorite war games – the enemies just keep coming.

Learn Your Enemy

With tower defense games online, it’s super important that you “know your enemy,” as the saying goes. While you’re slaughtering them, take a look at how they move, how many hits they take, and how they interact with each other. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an online tower defense game that warns you about the troops that are coming in the next wave (recon tower). If not, you just have to be ready for anything. Why is it so important to understand these things about your enemy? Because then, you’ll be able to set up your defenses to best counteract their abilities. If an enemy is fast, for example, you might want to hit them hard and early. If you like strategizing like this, you can check out our entire category of strategy games to put that miraculous mind to work.

Unit Types

Let’s talk a little more about enemy types, because it’s really important in online tower defense games. If you’ve got a really big, slow, “tanky” enemy coming, it’s best to have two or three hard-hitting weapons ready in a small area. If your enemy is sending huge waves of weaker soldiers, it’s better to have lots of long-range, weaker and faster weapons set up throughout the entire battlefield. The best option is usually to have a combination of both strategies, since your enemy probably has both big and small units ready to attack you. Even with that knowledge, you may be surprised to learn that not all damage is the same across enemies.

Damage Resistances

This isn’t a feature in all online tower defense games, but the best ones tend to have more sophisticated combat setups, meaning enemies will have different resistances. If you have a fire tower ready, for example, it may do less damage to a fire enemy than it would to a normal one. This means two things: first, you should have a nice balance of elemental attacks ready to take on any type of enemy. Second, you should do whatever you can to predict who’s coming down the path, because that will help you choose your damage types wisely. Watch their health go down and compare how much damage each of your weapons does – it just might save your life!

Upgrade to Survive

Our favorite part about tower defense game free online modes is the ability to upgrade your defenses. Most of the time, when you kill enemies, you earn resources. You should use these resources very carefully to plant new weapons, but also to upgrade your existing ones so they can fire faster, father and more powerfully. This brings up an interesting question: is it better to have two fully upgraded weapons or five weaker weapons? Looks like you will just have to test that theory and find out. Hope you choose correctly, otherwise it’s going to get bloody.

Play the Best Tower Defense Games on Multiple Devices

When a battle’s coming, you have to be ready to fight anywhere: mobile or tablet. That’s why we’ve ensured that you can play a tower defense game for android, iPhone and iPad. Switching devices is a great way to enhance your tower defense browser games experience. With tower defense games iPhone versions, for example, you can quickly tap where you want to place and upgrade weapons. The same goes for your tablet. Wherever you want to play, just remember: as long as there is one enemy still breathing, you still have work to do. Get out there and defend your home!    

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