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Back to Basics in an Awesome Way!

Of all the classic character designs and animation styles from the beginning of gaming history until now, who would have thought that stickman games would stand out so much? There’s something so very funny, cool, and endearing about playing fun adventure games as a stick figure. Nothing fancy – just two arms, two legs, and ahead. Most of them don’t even have a face! They take about nine seconds to draw, but with the proper sound effects, level design, and animations, they can be more lifelike than much more detailed characters. You can get into an endless number of crazy and fun situations with these characters, and this online stickman games category has captured the best of them for your enjoyment. We have made sure to load this category up with plenty of humor, fighting, cool stories, and more. Think we’re crazy for dedicating an entire category to stick figure characters? Play around in it for just five minutes and then get back to us!

Enjoy Multiple Genres in One with Stickman Games

By far, the coolest thing about this free stickman games category is the huge variety of genres within it. If you’re the type of gamer who craves five different game types each time they sit down to play, then this is the perfect category for you. You can turn your stick character into a ruthless commando, slaying enemy after enemy until there is nobody left to challenge you. You can wield epic weapons and fight against a single, very powerful opponent. Or, if fighting isn’t your thing at the moment, you can hop on a super-charged motorbike and hit the hills! See what we mean about the endless possibilities? Instead of focusing on some fancy character with a bunch of flashy gear, playing stickman games allows you to focus on the gameplay. And trust us, there’s a whole lot of that in this category.

Make a Last Stand

Who doesn’t love a good hour or two of heart-pounding action? In some of these games, your characters didn’t go out looking for trouble – it found them. These brave stickmen are being hunted by hundreds of enemies. All you have is your wits and a few scraps for supplies. Your back is against the wall, so there’s only one thing left for you to do – mow all of your foes down! We have plenty of defense-style stickman games for you to enjoy. Build your defenses, load up your guns, and don’t think too much. Just shoot, reload and repeat until all of those baddies have bit the dust! This “sub-genre” is definitely not for the faint of heart, by the way. There will be plenty of blood and gore, but don’t let that distract you. If these games sound like something you would enjoy, we recommend also checking out our free shooting games online!

Go Full Throttle

Had enough of the swords, guns, and grenades, have you? Never fear, because like we mentioned, our free stickman games bring you all kinds of action. You don’t need a diamond-encrusted jacket and fancy motorcycle boots to do awesome tricks – all you need is two arms and two legs! In some of these stickman games, you can play as an adrenaline-addicted stickman who loves to shoot his motorcycle off of crazy jumps. Hit the throttle, wow the crowd with a backflip (or even two, if you’re really good) and collect as many stars as you can. Make sure not to wipe out, though, because it tends to get messy! This is just one of the many sports-themed stickman games within our category. Can’t decide on your favorite kind? Have a look around and try them all out! Each game brings an exciting new way to play, win, and have fun.

Stickman + Ragdoll = Hours of Fun!

We thought that nothing could make the free stickman game genre any better (or funnier), but then, some genius came up with ragdoll physics. Don’t know what ragdoll physics is? It’s when a character can bend and twist in any direction like a ragdoll - check out our collection of ragdoll games to see what we are talking about. Whether you’re grabbing a character yourself, or if they were just blown up, watching them fly through the air while they twist and bend into funny shapes simply never gets old. We love this genre so much that we dedicated an entire category to stickmen. It takes eight seconds to draw, but it provides hours and hours of fun. Ready to see what all the fuss is about? We’ll see you inside!

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