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Whoever Screams First Loses!

It’s okay to admit it. Even we screamed once or twice when testing some of the games in this scary games online category. There’s just something about the characters, the dark and creepy design, and the spooky sounds. Put these all together, and you have yourself a bunch of fun and scary games to play with friends. How can you best enjoy this experience? Well, first and foremost, turn off all the lights. What, you want it to be creepy, don’t you? Next, make sure the sound is turned up. You will definitely want to hear every spine-tingling sound effect in these scary online games, whether it’s coming from our own character or one of the baddies that’s after you. Finally, and this step is important – try never to play alone.

Scary Games Are Awesome for Sleepovers

What’s the best way to turn something terrifying into something fun? Invite your friends over! Everybody likes to be scared at sleepovers. The only problem is, there are only so many ghost stories to tell before everyone gets tired of them. The best way to keep it interesting and spooky is to huddle around the screen and cheer on the brave soul who dares to pull up one of these scary flash games. As the person playing the game, you won’t be so scared because of all the friends that are with you. Well, you might still scream when surprised by something spooky, but you probably won’t be the only one! That’s why we made sure this category provided plenty of scary games to play with friends: strength in numbers and fun.

Whatever Makes Your Skin Crawl, We’ve Got It

There are many types of scary, and every person is a little different in terms of what scares them. Some people are terrified by scary maze games (let alone mazes in real life), while others could care less about getting a little lost. Some people are more frightened of dark and mysterious creatures, like ghouls, gremlins and zombies! For others still, the worst possible threat is one that they can’t see, feel, or understand – the terror of a dark mystery. Fear is a complex thing, which is why made sure are scary games to play in the dark represented an entire rainbow of terror! That’s right – we’re bringing every kind of fear imaginable so that everyone has a chance to quake in their boots. Or slippers. Whatever makes you feel a little less horrified.

Scary Maze Games

One second, you’re admiring the amazing craftmanship of the grounds worker as you stroll through a maze of neatly trimmed hedges, and the next – your heart drops into your stomach. You realize it. You were so distracted by the beautiful surroundings that it got dark, you got lost, and something’s not right. A creepy sensation has overtaken the air, replacing the pleasantness of the day with something…sinister. Something tells you to run out of there, but every turn leads you to a dead end. There’s nothing creepier in these scary maze games than the realization that you might never get out! Well, the realization that you’re not the only person in the maze is pretty frightening, but let’s not get into that. You’ll find out sooner or later.

Zombies Galore

Not only do we have one or two scary games dedicated to drooling, moaning zombies, we have an entire zombie games category! It’s not just the zombie itself that is so horrendous, but the feeling of being trapped and cornered while an army of them slowly drags their feet towards you. Can you imagine? Your mind races as you fire your last bullet. They’re still coming. You back up until you feel yourself press against the cold, hard, brick wall behind you. That first zombie makes it to you, and you just might fight it off with whatever you can find. Once you run out of bullets, though, you’re just asking to be dined on by the undead. If you think you’re brave enough to take on hordes of creepy enemies by yourself, then just remember one super important thing: aim for the head.

Mysterious Monsters

Some of these scary free games are all about mystery. In fact, some of our best scary games don’t seem that scary at all when you first start out. Eventually, though, you realize with a heavy feeling of dread that there is something very wrong. You can’t put your finger on it. Sometimes, it’s an enemy that looks a little…off. Sometimes, you’re afraid of the things that your own character can do. Our brains are very powerful tools, and when a scary monster games are designed just right, they actually don’t have to do much. They just give us a little suggestion, a little “nudge” towards scary, and our brains do the rest. It’s the fear of the unknown, and it’s more powerful than you may think.

The More Friends, the Better

We already mentioned that these scary games to play at a sleepover are best with friends watching, but what about playing? We’ve included plenty of scary multiplayer games so that you can challenge your friends or play with them to compete in grim and haunting environments. Maybe, you’re trying to outdo someone’s high score. Maybe you’re trying to get rid of them altogether. Either way, you’ll have to become that which you fear if you want to win.

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