Flying Games

The land is Getting Old, Let’s Fly!

Don’t worry, you don’t need an official pilot’s license to play these free flying games. What you do need, however, are lightning-fast reflexes and a head that swivels, friend, because it’s a dangerous world up there. If you thought it was rough on the ground, wait until you’re surrounded 360 degrees by things that want to pluck you out of the sky! Worse yet, wait until the sky itself is trying to swallow you whole while you’re focusing on stars and coins. Trust us, once you break a thousand feet, no emergency landing is a soft emergency landing. So, let’s go over your checklist: avoid the baddies, grab the points, and always keep your guard up in these free flying games.

Unblocked Flying Games

Want to know the absolute best part about this category? You really can play these games anywhere, even at school! That’s right, these free and fun games are fully playable on computers that have game blockers on them. Since you can run these games straight from your web browser, all you need is the Internet to enjoy a high-flying online experience. You don’t have to worry about load times or cost, either, because all of these titles are super fast and free. Why do you think we’re so excited to show them to you? Tired of flying? Check out all our free online games.

Kiloo Brings You the Best Flying Games Online

Not all flight is created equal, mind you. You can soar like an eagle, hover like a hummingbird, or dive like a falcon. Not all flying games are games about airplanes - That’s why we created an entire category of online flying games – so that you can experience the thrill of flight in the way that you most enjoy. Choose from dozens of highly trained pilots to play as, but be warned: not all of them are human! That’s right, we have animal flying games in here, too. That’s the beauty of flying – there are so many ways to do it! So what will it be, an engine, your wings, or a magical machine? Maybe it will be a helicopter, just like in our fun helicopter games? Whatever it is, get in and start flying!

Swerve, Bank, and Climb Your Way to a High Score

The skillset of a pilot is a rare one indeed. You’ll have to master your flying machine and sharpen your reflexes in order to stay out of trouble while you’re up there. If you can maneuver well in a plane, jetpack, or even propeller hat, you’re halfway there. If you can maneuver well and grab all the tokens and pickups that you can, then you might be looking at Kiloo leaderboard glory! Don’t get too obsessed with the points, though. Take a look around these beautifully designed game environments. After all, you’re floating in the clouds! What’s that you hear, gunfire in the distance? Well, it looks like the daydream is over. It’s time to show them why you’re the best. Enjoy these free flying games, and don’t worry about all the air pollution – it’s only digital.

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