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When All Else Fails, Send in the Soldiers

Years of training have built up to this moment. You strap on your combat boots. You march your way to the front line with your brothers in arms like you’re heading to your own funeral. Then, it hits you – war games are real. You see the enemies start to come into view, just over the next hilltop. No time for hesitation, soldier, it’s time to squeeze that trigger! If you want to go home in a helicopter, and not a pine box, you better do what your commander tells you to do. He wants you to stay alive, and in war games online, that’s the only way to win. We use war as a last resort when diplomacy has failed. You can use it as a way to enjoy hours of adrenaline-filled excitement in this free war games category. Hoorah!

War Strategy Games

War may seem like a crazy and chaotic mess to the untrained eye, but even huge-scale conflicts like the world war had careful strategists pulling the strings. War strategy games are a great way to flex your tactical mind. If you’re good at positioning yourself in safe areas, studying enemy troop movements and planning the perfect attack, then you would be great at these free online games. You can’t think like a foot soldier, who just wants to pick out targets, fire, reload and repeat. You have to have a bird’s eye view of the battlefield so that you can direct troops where to go. Use clever strategies to cut off enemy supply routes and suffocate their troops, then move in for the kill! Hey, they do say all is fair in love and war, you know. 

Dive into Intense Combat Scenarios

You don’t just get to choose where you want to fight all of the time, and these free war games are no exception. Sometimes, you’ll be ambushed while on a recon run with only a dozen or so soldiers to spare. In other situations, your submarine might be fired upon by two or three others that ventured into its territory for a sneak attack. When a nation is at war, they need to be prepared for any attack at any location. This includes land, sea and air engagements. What, you thought online strategy war games were just about jackbooted jar heads trudging their way through the mud? War is everywhere, private, and the sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll know what it takes to survive.

Victory at Sea

There’s nothing more intense than hearing the guns of a massive battleship roaring over the open water. You better have plenty of guts to captain these ships in our online war games, because the enemy force is headed your way and a battle is brewing. Need a crash course in naval combat? Turn your ship so that the side with the most guns is facing your opponent. Tell your men that if they don’t fire on the proper coordinates and reload, they’ll be a shark’s dinner! Command your fleet, outgun the enemy ships and achieve a glorious victory for your side. Don’t worry about those leaks just yet, we brought plenty of duct tape and glue. Just make sure those enemy ships are all dead in the water first. 

The Clashing of Infantry

What’s your speed? Do you like your free world war games with guns, bombs, knives, swords, or a little bit of everything? Nations have been warring with each other for thousands of years, and before we had airplanes and fancy ships, it was just men, weapons, and a battlefield. Who can blame you for seeking the glory of a blood-soaked victory through the eyes of the infantry? There will always be losses on both sides, but it’s the infantrymen who are closest to the fight. If you’re all about getting up close and personal, then these free online war games are perfect for you. Join the army, son, and watch out for the guy next to you. You just might survive if you keep a cool head when the shooting starts.

Ruthless Dog Fights

Nowadays, we can do anything from the air. We can spy on our enemies from thousands of feet above the earth, taking high-definition pictures of all of their factories and troops. We can transport troops faster than the speed of sound, and of course, we can fight. World War I brought with it the birth of the fighter plane. When they first started out, these rust-buckets were powerful, heavy and clunky. Now, they’re super-fast and even more lethal. Take to the skies in our world war games and shoot your enemies down in vicious dog fights. Keep the bogies off your tail, acquire your target, take him down, and repeat. It’s the only way you’re going to win up there, pilot. 

There’s More Than One Way to Fight

War may be the biggest fight, but it’s certainly not the only one. Our action games category is loaded with all kinds of adventures that will have you punching, kicking and shooting your way through all kinds of danger. If you’re more of a lone wolf than a hero, you might feel the urge to trade in your combat boots for a less patriotic uniform. It’s okay to represent yourself, just as long as you give it your all. So, which will it be – are you a war hero or an action hero?

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