Superhero Games

A Super Tradition

From the ancient myth of Hercules to the birth of Superman centuries later, we have always loved to tell tales of superheroes. After all, who wouldn’t love the ability to zoom through the air while fighting bad guys and rescuing damsels? Superhero stories allow us to step out of our own limitations. In that same spirit, we have created the ultimate collection of free superhero games for you to enjoy! Instead of just imagining, you get to actually play as the hero! Get ready to save the day, because these games are packed with hard-hitting action and awesome characters, which is why superhero games are part of our action games category. Got a favorite superpower? Now is the time to try it out!

Trust Your Powers

They both fearlessly battle the forces of darkness, so what’s the difference between a regular hero and a superhero? Why, one has superpowers, of course! This collection of games gives you an opportunity to try out the awesome powers that you’ve been daydreaming about all this time. So, what will it be? Do you want to be strong enough to lift a building off of someone, or fast enough to outrun a bullet, like in our other fun running games? Just remember, the powers that you have been gifted with are a great responsibility, and you have to learn to control them. As a superhero, it’s your job to use your powers for the good of humanity. 

Super Strength

What if every punch you threw hit your foes as hard as a wrecking ball? For many years, we have told stories of heroes (like Hercules) who could wrestle giant beasts and lift massive boulders over their heads. Super strength is one of the most classic and impressive superpowers you can have, and we made sure this free superhero games category has plenty of it on display. Whether you are an ancient warrior or a modern-day legend, it’s one of the best powers for conquering evil and saving those in need. Load up one of our free superhero games today and show us how you use your super strength to vanquish the bad guys! If you want to test your strength in other games too, check out our collection of cool fighting games.

Take on Your Archvillain in these Free Superhero Games

No superhero’s journey to greatness would be complete without a sinister archvillain to fight against. Helping old ladies cross the street is very important, don’t get us wrong. The true definition of courage, however, is the choice to keep fighting even when your enemy is stronger than you. Superheroes never give up, and we’ve made sure that this category reflects that bravery. For that reason, we’ve included all kinds of evil henchmen and towering bosses to challenge our heroes. Will you be courageous enough to confront the archvillain? 

Saved the Day? Do it Again!

Simply doing one good deed and then calling it a day isn’t very heroic, now is it? If you really want to become a superhero, you have to create a legacy of courage and honor. Fight bravely as you punch, kick and blast your way through hordes of enemies. Beat each level, then beat the game, then beat it again. Think you’ve finally reached the top of superhero stardom? Then load up another one of our online superhero games and start over! Heroes save the day. Superheroes save the world. 

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