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Where Men Fail, Metal Prevails

As you’ll see in these robot games, there’s only so much a man or woman can do. We can strap on 80 pounds of equipment, march up to the combat zone and do some damage, but one unlucky shot and we’re toast! The smartest among us can solve tricky problems in high-stress situations, but a robot can make lightning-quick calculations without breaking a sweat! (Really, they can’t physically sweat.) When it comes to fighting, there’s no better tool. A robot has no fear and no sense of pain. They can rush into the battlefield with all kinds of futuristic weapons and take everyone out without blinking an eye. They’re smart, cunning, and cold. They always follow orders – well, they almost always follow orders. It’s not to say that robots are better than people, because we created them, but boy are they fun to tinker with! Just take a look around this free online robot games for kids category and see what we mean.

So Many Robot Games, You Might Get Your Wires Crossed!

If the scientists and engineers at the super-secret laboratory can dream it, then they can make it. We’ve got robots that defuse bombs, fighting robots, robots that repair satellites, and even robots that can do our taxes! We wanted to make sure that this category represented all of the awesome things that robots could do, so we filled it with several different kinds of titles. We’ve got ninja robot games, robot fighting games, build robot games, and much, much more. In some cases, the robots are our allies, meaning they fight alongside us and help us make awesome new discoveries or build and repair things. In darker scenarios, the robots have gone “rogue” and it’s up to humankind to stop them before they wipe everyone out. Hey, we never said that it was all sunshine and rainbows!

Ruthless Combat

Alright, we’ll start off with one of the crowd favorites. It wouldn’t be a robots games category without some metal-on-metal (or metal-on-human) fighting action. For that reason, we’ve filled this category with tons of fun robot fighting games. Unfortunately for any human that stands in their way, anything that we can do, they can do better. Thanks to their super-powered pistons and power cores, they can punch with ten thousand pounds of force! Not to mention, their targeting computers allow them to hit the bullseye with every laser blast they set off. Let’s not even get started on some of the other weapons these things come equipped with. They’re super smart, so good luck trying to use a strategy that they haven’t prepared for. It’s pretty hard to beat a robot as a human, so you better hope that they’re on your side. If not, you should probably find a robot buddy to help you take them out! Otherwise, you can head to our fighting games category and take a break from the robots for a moment.

Build Your Own Robot

Who says you have to smash robot to bits just to have a good time playing free robot games online? In fact, many people are of the opinion that such violence is a waste of parts. If you prefer to take things apart, see how they work, and make awesome inventions, then you can make a robot in this category as well! That’s right, you are in charge of engineering, so make sure that you know what you’re doing. You’ll be fixing circuits, pulling wires, screwing bolts and testing out your monstrous metal creations when it’s all said and done. We love these games because it combines creativity and robots, two of our favorite things! Just make sure that you program them to be nice to humans each time you build a robot, okay? We would hate to have a race of rogue robots trying to, you know, exterminate all of humankind, now wouldn’t we?

Robot Games for Kids and More

One of the great things about robots is that they have so many uses. In our robot games for kids, they can help players solve tricky puzzles and score extra points. Kids can also use this category to learn more about building and fixing things. Inside, they’ll find a vast selection of fun and rewarding robot games that encourage creativity, problem solving and self-expression. That’s the very reason that robots in real life are created, is it not? Aside from helping us with tasks, they help us to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Ah, how much we love robots – they’re just so cool and so good at a ton of things! Who says that helping kids learn and have fun can’t be one of them? To learn more about how robot games do this, simply check out this category and see for yourself.

Hungry for Even More Action?

No matter how awesome robots become, there will always be some things that require that human touch. When this is the case, you can always head over to our action games category and try your hand at one of many intense and exciting challenges. Run, jump, shoot and punch your way out of (or into) danger as a hero with nothing to lose. Explore beautiful and dangerous worlds while you rescue others and yourself from danger. Whether it’s as a man or a machine in our robot fighting games category, you’ll have tons of fun getting yourself into trouble!

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