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Lose This Rally, and It’s to the Scrap Pile!

In an ordinary race, you may be really bummed out when you lose, but at least your car isn’t sitting there in a mangled mess of smashed parts! That’s what makes these awesome online monster truck games for kids that much more exciting: the high stakes. Have you ever been to a monster truck rally? There’s a whole lot to do. Drivers will show off their gargantuan monster trucks with free style exhibitions to start. Then, there may even be a racing event or two. What everyone wants to see, however, is a vicious, cutthroat rally, where only one truck will be left standing at the end! If you’re ready to kick up some dirt in these free monster truck racing games, then come on in. Just buckle your seatbelt. And your helmet. And make sure your roll cage is properly welded. 

Why Monster Truck Games Are Awesome

What’s so fun about watching a bunch of over-powered gas-guzzlers smashing into each other? Well, the answer is in the question! Who doesn’t love witnessing the power of a monster truck destruction exhibition? It’s not every day that you can see a car with absolutely massive tires climbing vertically up a mud embankment, then backflipping off of it. Or, if you like a little property damage with your monster trucks games, you can watch these babies plow through and over piles of wrecked cars. That’s when you really get a sense of just how heavy and strong these things are – the cars literally crunch and bend under their huge tires! If that doesn’t explain why we love monster truck games for kids, then let’s dive into the trademarks of the genre. We’ll start with everybody’s favorite part about monster truck games – unlocking crazy trucks! 

Monstrous Metal Machines

First and foremost, we absolutely have to talk about these trucks. In mmx racing monster truck games and many of the other free games in this category, there’s a whole selection of terrifying turf-mulchers for you to choose from. Of course, a true monster truck game pro doesn’t just get all of the finest hardware handed to him or her – you have to earn it! Work your way through racing challenges and rallies to earn money and/or trucks, and unlock them all if you can. Did you wreck one? Well, you can repair it or scrap it and move onto the next metal monster in your armada. In some of our monster truck racing games, the trucks even have stats that you can compare. Looking to cross that finish line first? Then choose a truck with great speed and handling. Looking to destroy all of your competition? Go for weight, power and durability. 

Cheering Crowds and Intense Action

Even though they won’t admit it, monster truck drivers are all about the attention. There’s no point to being a daredevil if nobody is there to see you show off, right? As a monster truck games player, you’ll be risking your neck to wow the crowd. With each deafening collision, awesome jump or even wipeout, the crowd will be off of their feet and cheering. In some of these games, the point system is completely based off of how impressed the crowd is! It doesn’t always matter what kind of event it is, either. Whether you’re performing in a monster truck destruction exhibition, a monster trucks nitro race or something else, make sure to take care of the crowd. As long as you give the people what they want, your career as a monster truck games driver is sure to pay off. 

Speed, Power and Style Combined 

Alright, we’ve covered the trucks and the crowd-pleasing aspect of these monster trucks games, now let’s talk about the actual events. We absolutely love these monster jam truck games because they have it all: speed, style and power. Monster truck drivers have to have the complete skill set if they want to become true champions, so make sure to build your skills one event at a time. Show off how surprisingly quick your rig can be in a race around the dirty arena. If anyone tries to pass you, just smash them into the sidewall! If you love flips and jumps, you can go sailing off of dirt mounds in monster truck freestyle events to wow the crowd and out-trick your competitors. Finally, if you’re more of a “bad-boy” brawler type, then it’s time to get your tires dirty with a monster truck destruction exhibition. Smash your opponents’ trucks to pieces, and don’t stop until you’re the last one on the track who can drive! 

Need Something a Little Less Extreme? Try These!

As fun as these monster truck games can be, sometimes, you just want to speed your way down the strip in a regular car or truck. No need to worry, because we’ve got all kinds of truck games for a slightly less extreme racing experience. It’s more than just racing, too. The gameplay elements are as diverse as the selection of trucks themselves, so make sure to check them all out. Also, if you prefer the handling of a souped-up compact when you’re banking around hairpins in a circuit rally, then you can head over to our car games category for all the racing action you could ever want. So, which will it be, driver? Little, big, huge, or all three? The choice is yours! 

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