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Have you ever dreamt of racing down huge hills with a dirt bike or competing with other drivers in this sport? Become a master of the dirt bike in our online games!

What are dirt bike games?

Just like in all of our free bike games, the player must control a driver on the bike. A dirt bike is a type of motorcycle, but what makes it different is that a dirt bike is specially designed for difficult terrains, such as hills or dunes. If you enjoy the more extreme driving conditions, try our amazing BMX games. However, if motorbikes are what you prefer, we have a great collection of motorcycle games.

Stunt dirt bike games

Apart from racing and speeding, you can also perform amazing stunts on a dirtbike. That means managing a frontflip or a backflip before landing on the ground or in the air after a jump. If this sounds like something you would like to try, play Stunt Extreme game.

What are the best online dirt bike games?

There are different games for you to choose from, but we recommend these as a good starting point

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