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Biking is a beloved activity all around the world and now it is also possible to enjoy it online. In these bicycle games, you can get on a bicycle and pedal your way to the finish line! 

What are bicycle games?

In bicycle games, you are controlling a character riding a bicycle or you are riding a bicycle in the first-person view. Even though bicycle games are similar to other bike games, the bicycle is different as it is not motorized and the driver has to pedal to move forward. The most common types of bicycle games include racing on a bicycle or completing an obstacle course. For more speed, you can also check out our amazing motorcycle games.

BMX bicycle games

If the classic bicycle is too slow for your taste, you can try some more daring biking games - BMX bikes are bicycles that are specially designed for more extreme conditions, such as racing in the mountains or hills. All of these games can be found in our BMX games collection, available to play for free online.

What are the best online bicycle games?

Here are our favorites from the bicycle game collection

  • Guide a dinosaur through a forest of different obstacles and mean cats - Bikosaur

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