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Oh, We Get the Drift

Some people think it’s a waste of rubber, if you would believe that, but true Drifting Games aficionados like us live for the thrill of the perfect lap. Whether you’re playing drifting racing games or just showing off your epic style, it’s a sweet science that takes years to perfect. Every time a pro drifter approaches a turn, they make dozens of micro-calculations in the space of a nanosecond. How fast you’re going, what kind of car you’re in, how big the turn is, and your current position in the lane all factor into the perfect drift. It’s easy to mess up, but when you hit it, whew! What a rush. Speaking of, for anyone who doesn’t know what “drifting” is, it’s a maneuver that involves taking a corner so fast that your car slides around it while your tires scream like a banshee!

They Wouldn’t Be Drifting Games Without…

One of the best things about drifting games online is the variety. If you’re all about showing off and doing awesome stunts, many of these games will reward you for how long you drift and how tight you can take that corner. Of course, if you prefer the adrenaline-pumping action of a race, there are car drifting games that pit you against a whole team of ruthless rivals. We even have bike drifting games so you can burn rubber on two wheels, for goodness sakes! The point is, drifting is awesome by itself, but it opens up glorious avenues in online gaming for all kinds of fun and surprising elements. The first item on our list of essential street drifting games features is, of course, awesome cars!

Sick Rides

You didn’t think we would be screeching around in your mom’s minivan, did you? If you want anything exciting to happen when you pop that e-brake and yank the steering wheel, you better be in something that can crank up the torque. Drifting has become so popular in both real life and free drifting games that there are even models of cars now specifically designed for drifting! We love it when the game starts you off with a nice car, but it’s always rewarding and fun to have to earn the faster and cooler-looking rides. And there’s nothing better than being able to upgrade and customize your car for even better performance around those hairpin turns. Without a sweet ride to show off in, cool drifting games wouldn’t be nearly as cool!

Over-the-Top Mechanics

Even the most talented drifters in real life can only go so far because they’re limited by, you know, the laws of physics. That’s good news for our online 3D drifting games, though, because they don’t have to follow those rules! And boy, have they run with it. Sure, it’s great to have realistic skidding and sliding mechanics that resemble a real car, but why not double the speed while we’re at it? How about we double the distance you can drift, too? The best drifting games on the planet, in our opinion, our those that combine realistic mechanics with crazy and exaggerated capabilities! When this is done right, it doesn’t even seem like what you’re doing is so impossible, which is the most beautiful thing about online games in general: they blur the line between what’s possible and what isn’t.

Bonuses and Power-Ups

Just because we are focusing on stylishly swooping around each turn, doesn’t mean the track has to be empty. You know what’s even more tricky and fun than just hitting the perfect drift? Screeching around that corner AND making sure your path lines up with a power-up! That makes it even more satisfying. Whether it’s items that are physically scattered throughout the track or milestones that you hit by achieving certain feats, bonuses are always super fun and helpful in getting those new cars and upgrades. What exactly you are rewarded for can depend on which of our unblocked drifting games you play. Sometimes, it’s all about style, other times, it’s about crossing that finish line first.  Either way, who doesn’t love earning awesome stuff?

Cutthroat Competition

Of course, free drifting games are no exception to the competitiveness of the online gaming community, and we love it. Warm up with a nice and easy ride by yourself, sure. Hit a couple drifts to get the feel of it – no problem. But when you’re ready to really go for glory, there’s no better feeling than edging someone out in these drifting racing games! If you’re a great drifter, then you can pass almost anybody on a turn. How? If they go tight, you go tighter. Wait for your moment, sneak between them and the corner, and then bump them into the far wall! Well, you don’t have to be that mean, but at the very least, sneak inside and take their place. Keep doing it until you’re in first, and never look back.

Two Wheels or Four, We’ve Got It

We live for that moment, just like you. When you hit that perfect drift, it’s pure adrenaline. But that’s not the only way to get your thrills on four wheels – or on two, for that matter. In fact, we have dozens upon dozens of other racing games that allow you to focus more on breaking land speed records and leaving your opponents in the dust. If you are craving a more creative concept, our car games think beyond the track. One day, you might be running from the cops after a robbery, and the next, you might be trying to park in a teeny-weeny space! Either way, if style is your priority, then our drifting games category is your ticket to greatness.

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