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Smoke, Steel and Speed: Let’s Ride

This is what true power feels like. Every time you even touch that pedal, it feels like the engine is going to shoot out of the car. The light turns green, you peel out, and all that’s left is a cloud of smoke and a handful of gawking onlookers. If you can’t tell, we absolutely love car driving games. We want to bring that passion to you so you can experience the grinding metal, squealing tires and epic battles on the road. These fun driving games are about more than just racing, though. In some cases, you’re learning to drive for the first time, plowing down zombies in your car or simply trying to park your rig. Whatever you want to do in a car, we’ve got it right here.

Enjoy Dozens of Free, Unblocked Driving Games

It’s bad enough that you have to deal with people blocking your parking space, but game blockers? Really? A real car games driving expert doesn’t let such an obstacle block his or her path to greatness. That’s why we’ve made sure that only unblocked driving games make their way into this category. What does “unblocked” mean when it comes to games? Exactly what it sounds like. Unlike other games that school computers block with restrictions, these virtual driving games won’t give up that easily. Just open up a web browser, start a tab and come find us. As long as you have internet, you can play these games!

Speed is Speed, No Matter the Vehicle

Alright, so you’re at school or at home, and you’re ready to play the best driving games around. Question number one is a very important one: what do I want to do? Would you like to prove your skills on the strip, taking on racer after racer without losing a single matchup, or do you want something a little more mellow? Are you learning, competing, trying to have a little fun, or a combination? Whatever you want to do, the next question is even more important: what kind of ride do I want? Smart driving games give you lots of choices, so you have to be ready to find your ride and go. 

Supercharged Hot Rods

Racecar driving games are all about style, speed and overall performance, so choose your vehicle carefully. If you like to race dirty, you should find something that’s sturdy, heavy, but still fast. If you prefer to get ahead of the pack and stay there, go for the latest and most expensive super car! Of course, you often have to put in plenty of races with starter cars before you can afford the fastest one in the game, but that’s what racecar driving games are all about anyway: building a name for yourself and becoming the king (or queen) of speed. Choose your ride, hit the track, and try not to blink, or you might miss your chance to take the lead.

Half the Wheels, Twice the Speed

Some people prefer to strap themselves to a rocket and leave a streak of flame in their dust. Those people are called motorcycle enthusiasts. We have an entire bike category for people who like bikes, and not just the kind that go hundreds of kilometers per hour, either. You can pedal your way through city streets and impress bystanders with your sweet tricks all day if you want. Or, if you can launch yourself off of seventy-foot jumps and tear down the strip like a missile. Either way, you will want to choose the fastest ride if you can. What’s the point of moto driving games if you don’t go full throttle, after all?

Buses and Trucks

Speed isn’t the only game in town. Load up one of our driving a bus games, or better yet, one of our monster truck driving games to see what we mean. Sometimes, it’s all about wowing the crowd by smashing cars, climbing up steep hills, doing flips and so on. Sure, some of these games have timers, but you’re not breaking any world records. The point here is power and skill. Make it through each course without crashing and you’ll be the biggest, baddest rig in the competition. Let those zippy little sports cars pass you. If they ever meet you in a head-to-head rumble, it’s the big rig that will win every time. 

Gotta Learn Sometime

Alright, so let’s say you haven’t quite reached racecar driver status yet. That’s alright, everyone has to start somewhere, right? We’ve got you covered with plenty of driving school games to help you learn the rules of the road. Now, the choice is yours to either obey those rules, bend them, or make up some of your own. If you choose to be a rebel, though, just know that you might get a ticket, or you might even get chased by the police. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, okay? If you spend enough time with these driving school games, you just might be the next global racing sensation, who knows? 

Enough Games to Win Your Way 

As much as we love a good old-fashioned rumble down the tracks, we wanted to bring you multiple ways to win in this driving games free category. Speed will get you part of the way there, power will help as well, but don’t forget about skill. If you have all three, you can win a race, an arcade-style high score game, an action driving game and anything else that challenges your driving abilities. Pop that door open, grab a seat, and give that steering wheel a firm grip. Don’t get too comfortable, because it’s time to ride!    

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