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What’s Life Without a Bit of Dirt?

There’s just something about farm games that brings the dusty, smelly charm of the farm right to your living room. There’s no need to worry if the nearest farm is hundreds of miles away, because with this free farming games category, we bring the cattle to you! That’s right, strap on those overalls and break out the straw hat (you do have a straw hat, don’t you?) because it’s time to show off your skills as a cow-milking, tractor-driving farmer. What, you’ve never set foot on a farm before? Well, we’ll just have to “learn ya” something new, city kid, because there’s nothing like a little fresh air and hard work. Speaking of hard work, you didn’t think these simulator games were all about laying around in the mud with the pigs, did ya? Farms may look fun, but they’re a ton of work! Let’s get to it.

Those Chores Won’t Do Themselves!

Farmers don’t have fancy-shmancy alarm clocks. They don’t roll out of their fluffy beds at 10 AM and watch the news before work. As soon as that rooster crows, when the sun is barely peekin’ out over the horizon, you pull up those overalls and start your chores. You’ve got about fifty bails of hay to load, animals to feed and take care of, grain silos to clean out and about fifteen other things to do before lunch time. It’s a hard life, but in these farm games online and in reality, it’s an honest one. We believe that the best farming games online aren’t just about cutesy little animals and relaxing on the porch, so we’ve made sure to collect the best farming simulator games that tell the real story. Fortunately, you’ll be doing all these chores from the comfort of your computer or phone with these free farming games, but that doesn’t mean you get out of chore duty!

Reap What You Sow

See that big ole’ tractor in the field over there? That thing cost as much as a house, and they aren’t getting any cheaper. If you want to be able to pay for it, you’re going to have to plant row after row after row of corn, beans, and other crops. Some of our favorite farming simulator games put you in charge of what crops go where, just like a real farmer has to think about. So, make sure every usable inch of that farmland is covered with your best cash crops. When it’s time to harvest, you want everything to be just perfect so that you can sell your crops for a huge profit! Of course, that’s not the only way to make money on a farm. As a matter of fact, I think I hear some cluckin’ and mooin’ right now…

Mind the Hogs (and the Cows, and the Chickens)

Life on the farm would sure be pretty boring if all you did was plant a bunch of crops and watch them grow for a few months, but thankfully, that’s not the case. Our favorite farming simulation games of this free online category do a great job of showing you just how much of a handful that cattle can be. Whether you’ve ten head or a hundred, you’ll need to take ‘em out to graze and bring them back every day. You’ll need to milk the cows, feed the chickens and pigs, and make sure everyone is present and accounted for. In some of our less realistic and more funny animal games, you can even talk with the animals or help them through crazy challenges and puzzles! For the sake of simulators, though, you’ll be right next to them in the dirt, working away. It’s a charmed life, but a smelly one. Good thing it doesn’t reach you through the screen.

“Grow” Your Operation

They may not have snazzy suits, and they may not attend fancy board meetings, but farmers are businessmen and women, too. Every corn stalk, egg, jar of milk and cut of beef has a profit tied to it. On the other hand, every drop of gas, every hour of farmhand labor and every piece of harvesting equipment eats into that profit. A good farmer knows how to keep the farm running without losing money, but a great farmer knows how to add enough profit so they can buy even more farms. Our most realistic farming simulator games do a great job of putting you in charge of each and every business decision that farmers have to make. Should you buy a dozen more chickens or another cow? Should you harvest this week or next week? It’s tougher than you think, so try some of our free farm simulation games to today and see if you can come out in the green. When you’ve had enough of the farm, we have a full category of simulation games waiting for you.

Play How You Want!

Most of all, we love these free and funny farming games because they give you the power to choose how and where you want to play. They’re all completely unblocked, which means you can play them on any computer you want without worrying about being restricted. Also, life’s not as lonely on the farm as you may think, because many of these farm story games have multiplayer capability. That’s right, bring a buddy and work together to solve problems in the best farm games online. So, eat your Wheaties and grab your best pair of boots, because these farm games are fun but tough!

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