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Clear the LZ, ‘Cause Helicopter Games Are Here!

There’s nothing like your first playthrough in the helicopter games category. Your heart pounds like a drum as you grip the joystick and prepare to take off. That powerful turbine engine hums to life, and you can practically feel the force of those rotor blades as they slice the air just inches above your head. A deep breath, a moment of calm, and woosh, you’re airborne! That’s the feeling that we’ve dedicated the helicopter games category to, and that’s what has kept us hooked on these games.

Fly Your Own Path

Of course, there’s more to being a daredevil apache chopper pilot than simply taking off and hovering around up there. Fuel is expensive, after all, so you’ve got to keep your focus on the mission. Speaking of, we’ve got plenty of options for explorers, fighters, and competitive high-score seekers in this category, so keep your eyes peeled. So, what’s your style? Do you want a super-realistic flight, or something a little more farfetched? Either way, it’s just a few “clicks away” (get it?) once you’re in this category, so try them all!


We simply couldn’t offer this category without including helicopter simulator games. If you want to actually feel the weight of the chopper, the slapping of the wind on the fuselage, and the g-forces with every daring maneuver, then simulators are a must. Expect to be challenged, though, because these can be really tough! It won’t just be “click to fly,” because that’s not very realistic. Instead, you’ll be handling all kinds of military-style controls and instruments, so be ready!


Some of us gamers have too much vinegar in our veins to simply tool around an empty sky and enjoy the flight. We need action. We need drama. Most of all, we need gunplay, and that’s why we included helicopter fighting games as well. She may feel a little heavier than usual on takeoff, but that’s because she’s carrying twin missile launchers and machine guns! You don’t need to worry so much about wind direction and landing approach angles here – your worries come in the form of swarming hordes of enemies. Gun them down, stay alive, and earn glory on that aerial battlefield.

High Score

We love online helicopter games that challenge you to achieve high scores, because they’re a nice in-between from helicopter war games and simulators. They’re not quite as technical as a simulator, nor as intense as an aerial battle, but you get a little bit of both. Avoid mountains, enemies, and other hazards while you rack up points, search for tokens and even grab power-ups. Make it as far as you can and put up an awesome score. Then, beat it! Then, beat it again, and again, and…

Not Ready to Land?

Trust us, this category is absolutely bursting with enough free online content for kids to keep your rotor spinning for hours on end. If you want to switch up the aerial action with a new type of aircraft, however, you have even more options in our flying games category. Get behind the “wheel” (more like joystick) of a hulking jumbo jet, an agile fighter plane, or something in-between, and prove yourself a master of the skies. If you can master our helicopter games, then you can fly anything!

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