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Defend Humanity from Hordes of Invaders

Tricky problems and mazes are great, but sometimes, you just need to blow up some aliens - this is why we offer a selection of free alien games online. There are no glimmering rewards here; survival is your mission. Invaders from afar are coming to conquer and destroy everything that you love, and earth hangs in the balance! If you’re looking for intense shooters that drop you right into the action, you’ve found them. All you have is a gun, some rockets if you’re lucky, and the will to defend your home. Forget diplomacy. Pick your favorite from our selection of alien shooting games online, load up, aim true, and show those unwelcomed guests what happens when they mess with you!  

Send Those Slimy Mongrels a Message

You’re not going to put much of a dent in that alien army without a serious arsenal of weapons. Many of these alien invasion games start you off with a simple pistol or even a melee weapon, so you will have to be tough to work your way up to the big guns. Once you start bagging some baddies, cashing in coins, and upgrading your weapons in these alien shooter games, you’ll be packing some serious heat! Sure, a pistol or machine gun might be great for taking out two or three enemies in a few seconds, but we’ve got something much more powerful for you. How about a rocket launcher and some grenades? Now we’re getting somewhere. Especially in alien survival games, you will want to build up your arsenal, but be smart with your ammunition. Wait for those ugly invaders to cluster together, and then BLAM! Watch those bats fly!

Set Up Your Defenses

Even with the most high-powered weapons, it’s always a smart idea to put as much between you and those aliens as you can. In a lot of these alien attack games, you can find ways to protect yourself. Find a shield, grab extra health, or even get somebody armor for a little extra padding. You can also put obstacles in their way to slow them down or do a little extra damage. In alien space games, you can usually find powerups that will protect your ship for a short amount of time as you rain lasers across the cold vacuum of space at one enemy spaceship after another. However you protect yourself in these alien-fighting games, it is a great way to stay alive for much longer. If you can balance a great offense (those awesome weapons we talked about) with a smart defense, you might just survive. Try our free spaceship games to try out your skills in piloting a spaceship!

Choose from the Most Thrilling Alien Games Online

If anything, we can promise that you won’t have a dull moment in any of these alien-fighting games. There will be no tricky problems or clues – just death and destruction for anyone who decides to mess with you and your planet. The one thing we can do to add variety, though, is to change the environment, the weaponry, and the enemies. If you like to just strap a huge gun onto your back and charge into enemy territory like a madman, then we have plenty of options for you. If you prefer to swat those alien missiles out of the sky using a cool anti-ballistic laser, then we’ve got you covered also. It’s all here, just takes a look!

They’ll Regret Coming to Earth

They’ve watched us from their fleet of spaceships for years, and they’ve finally decided to conquer our planet. Little did these ugly invaders know what was waiting for them as soon as they set their feet on the ground – alone hero with a gun. At first, they laughed at how small the resistance was. A few hours later, with hundreds of their soldiers piled high, they weren’t so cocky. We love the one-man-army style when it comes to alien survival games, so we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to take them on by yourself. Even more deadly than the legions of alien ground troops are their rockets and lasers, which target the planet’s most valuable structures from above. The fate of the world rests in your trigger finger, so keep your eyes peeled and swat down those rockets!

Unblocked Alien Games

Did we mention that this entire category is filled with alien games unblocked just for you? That’s right, you don’t have to worry about those pesky game blockers! You can play these games at school, directly from a web browser, for free. We don’t want anything coming between you and hours of alien-blasting fun! Get ready to make your last stand, because nothing’s stopping you.

Fight, Defend, and Win

The ingredients for successful alien shooting games online are simple: lots of ammo, lots of enemies, and a lot to lose. Browse our impressive selection of online alien games to fight for your home against ruthless and futuristic enemy armies. When you get a moment, patch yourself up, rebuild what was damaged, and reload quickly, because more are sure to come. When the dust settles completely and you’ve repelled the invaders in one of our several free alien games online, you will be crowned Earth’s greatest hero! Time to become the hero of Space too - play our amazing games about space online!

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