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Check Your Closet, Because Monster Games Are Here!

Honestly, the whole “hiding in your closet” thing is a little played out, so we set up an entire category of awesome monster games to show you just what else these curious creatures can do! Of course, scaring people is high on that list, but did you know that monsters have other skills and hobbies? After all, they’ve been around for a very long time, hiding in the shadows. Almost every culture in the world has some kind of folklore that references creepy crawly monsters. Some are big and terrifying, some are small and cute, and some of them even have powers. In our online monster games, you’ll get to see just how fun and diverse, if not terrifying, these creatures can be. Are they on your side, you ask? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Don’t be afraid, some of them don’t bite…

They’re Not All Bad, You Know

We humans have given monsters a bad reputation over the years. Sure, one or two of the mean ones may have done some damage to a few of our major cities, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are bad! In fact, in some of these free online games, you can actually play as a monster! We have monster breeding games, monster quest games and much, much more for you to enjoy as you get to know these stunning creatures a little better. Just like our dragon games category, this is a place where creatures who were once thought to be evil can now build a relationship with humans. Of course, like we mentioned, not all monsters are good – and neither are all dragons. This is why we have monster hunting games, you know. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for now, shall we? We could learn a lot from them!

Breed Them

One thing we’ve been far too scared to notice, for example, is just how these monsters have been evolving and breeding. How do the breeds work? What’s with all those funny colors? Are they all hatched out of eggs? To answer these questions while having tons of fun in a free online environment, we’re bringing you awesome monster evolving games! Find two monsters you really like, create a little baby monster egg, hatch it, and do it all over again. What will you strive to create in this miraculous mixer game, the most terrifying monster or the cutest one? Who says it can’t be a little of both, huh? Our favorite part of these breeding games is when they’re combined with monster catching games. They won’t just volunteer themselves, after all. You gotta go get ‘em! If catching and keeping monsters is more your thing, you can check out our monster collecting games as well.

Play as a Monster

That’s right, you read that correctly. We officially have several games where you play as a monster. Did you know that they can solve puzzles too? Sure, you can stomp through crowded city streets terrorizing people, but there’s more to life as a monster than just destruction. You will find tons of opportunities to surprise all the humans with your equally impressive brainpower. In many of our monster games for kids, you will play as a monster who needs to solve puzzles and answer questions to make it to higher levels. Prefer something with a little more action? You just may get the chance to sprint through an obstacle course or achieve a huge high score in an endless runner. You never know what challenges and opportunities you might come across in this free online category, so make sure you try as many of these games as you can!

Hunt Them

Well, like we said, they aren’t all ready to be our friends yet. Whether it’s their breeding, or whether they just have had bad experiences with humans, some monsters still want to do harm to humans. Luckily, there are still tribes of brave men and women who are trained to go after these malevolent monsters in monster hunting games. If you like to earn and upgrade gear and weapons, we have epic monster quest games to help you outfit yourself like a champion slayer. If you prefer to just head straight out there and join the chase, you will have plenty of chances to do that as well. Just remember how the old joke goes, “When that monster turns around and starts chasing you, you don’t have to be faster than it. You just have to be faster than the guy next to you!” You didn’t hear it from us.

Dino’s Are in on the Fun, Too!

Some people count them as monsters, some don’t. On the one hand, they were huge, scaly, and quite vicious creatures that stomped around and ate everything in site. On the other hand, monsters are thought to be made up, and dinosaurs actually happened. Either way, they’re awesome and fun to play with, so we made sure to set up an entire category of dinosaur games as well. If you’d like to take a break from “monster monsters,” you can check this free online category out and play with these monsters! Whatever your play style, there’s something for you. Run, jump, bite and chomp, solve puzzles, and just have a good old time in general. Have fun clomping around in these scary monsters games!

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