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Terror Awaits You Inside, If You Dare!

We play games to have fun, to learn, and to compete. Sometimes, though, we want to feel a shiver down our spine. Sometimes, we want to peek through our hands as we make our way through an absolute fright fest! When the leaves change, the air gets colder, and Halloween is right around the corner, it’s time to get into the Halloween games spirit. For that reason, we’ve made sure that you have an entire category of Halloween games for kids to play, filled with cobwebs, candy and kooky characters to enjoy. It doesn’t all have to be terrifying, though – sometimes, a smiling jack-o-lantern is enough to get you in the Halloween games mood. We have a little something for everyone, so let’s jump in!

Halloween Games for Girls

We’ll start with the slightly less scary stuff from this Halloween video games category so you at least have a chance to play before you run away in terror. Our Halloween games for girls embrace spooky style and fun scenarios that will keep you entertained for hours. Throw on a mummy costume or a skeleton outfit in one of our creepy dress-up games, or make some scary, sugary goodies in one of our Halloween games cooking editions. You can also powder on some vampire-looking makeup to really get yourself in the online Halloween games spirit. These games can be a little scary in their own right, but hey, at least nobody gets hurt! We wish we could say the same for our Halloween games for boys, though.

Halloween Games for Boys

Trade in your mascara wand and your walk-in closet for a machine gun and a machete, because these Halloween games for boys are all about crazy, creepy action! Prepare to shoot your way through all kinds of shooting and zombie games with a fun, seasonal theme. If you’re lucky, the zombies will just sit there and let you pick them off, but if you get an especially “smart” batch, they may be rushing towards you. These things don’t know surrender, or pain, so there’s only one way to stop them in these free online games. Find as much weaponry and ammo as you can, and get ready to hold that trigger down for a long time! Aim for the head in the Halloween games for boys, and who knows – you may just survive until the second or third level.

What Makes a Great Halloween Game?

Everyone knows that Halloween is a time to be silly, scary and fun, but we wanted to make this free Halloween games for kids category the coolest Halloween experience ever, so we asked ourselves a question. “What makes a great Halloween game?” After hours and hours of combing the web for the best Halloween online games, we found the answer: a great Halloween game brings the trademarks of the season the game world, the characters, and the gameplay. Even if it’s not free Halloween games, our seasonal category has many other games for each season, so you can experience all the fun of the season in your own way. Let’s get started with the two most important “ingredients” for Halloween online games that make them stand out: the characters and the environment.

Creepy Game Worlds and Characters

No offense to our buddy, stickman, but we can’t just have a regular character waltzing around these free Halloween games. We need to have people who “fit the bill,” as the saying goes. We need bats, jack-o-lanterns, ghouls, phantoms, and all kinds of frightening stars that make you think twice about whether or not they’re the good guys. Sure, they may be the hero of this story, but they’re the bad guys in another. Next, even the right characters won’t create an awesome Halloween game if they don’t have a dark and gloomy environment to play in. Haunted mansions, musty dungeons and old graveyards are usually the best ways to make these games even scarier, which we love. Don’t believe us? We have an entire category dedicated to scary games to prove it!

Spooky Situations

Even the right people and the right place aren’t enough if everyone just stands (or floats, in the case of ghosts) there, twiddling their thumbs. You need to have some element of the online gameplay that is fun, addictive and scary all at the same time. Help our “heroes” put together a bubbling potion, for example, or find your way out of a bone-chillingly scary maze. We made sure to find tons of Halloween games for kids that put fun and frightening objectives like these into their games. Sometimes, the scariness is a mystery that surprises you at the end. Other times, like our Halloween shooting games, it gets in your face from the very beginning!

Candy, Of Course!

Ah, who could forget the best part of the Halloween season – candy! Chocolate, popcorn, fruity snacks, and the rest. If you can eat it, we believe you should be able to play with it in these free Halloween games online as well. Whether you’re matching it, making it or earning it throughout the game, candy should always be a part of Halloween video games in one way or another. So, let’s go down the checklist one more time: we need creepy environments, hair-raising gameplay scenarios and, most importantly, plenty of sugary snacks to play with. Got all three? Then you’re playing one of our free Halloween games for kids. Have fun!


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