Winter Holiday Games

Warm Up Those Fingertips, It’s Online Holiday Games Time!

Things may have slowed down outside, now that everything is caked in pretty icicles, but these free winter games are entering their busiest time of year! Is your school halfway buried in a mound of shimmering snow? Sounds like a snow day to us. What better way to spend it than playing a ton of fun winter games for kids in a nice, heated room? And parents, there’s no need to worry about your kids missing out on learning, because many of these winter holiday games for the classroom are filled with fun and educational gameplay. Just like a holiday pie stuffed with delicious filling, we’ve got a whole category of online holiday games to keep you busy all season long. Just make sure you shovel the driveway first so that you don’t get in trouble, okay? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite winter games online sub-categories.

We’ve Got Frosty Fun for Everyone

Our favorite thing about this winter holiday games category is the huge number of crazy and fun situations that you can get yourself into. There’s a ton of variety in this category, so whatever kind of game you like, we’ve got something for you! Think the snow will stop you from hopping in a high-horsepower speed machine and speeding around? Think again, because these winter driving games will keep your thrills going all year long. Too cold to dress up in your favorite top? Well, in these winter dress up games, it’s not a problem at all! Of course, if you’re the type who likes to travel the world and take on intense challenges in dangerous environments, we have plenty of winter arctic games for you. Well, sometimes it’s an intense challenge, and sometimes it’s just a fun and simple high score game. Both are great in our book!

Winter Driving Games

It’s going to take more than your “tooling around town” car to make it through this mucky snow and slick ice. For that reason, we’ve made sure we feature awesome all-terrain vehicles in our winter driving games. If you like speedy bikes and ATVs, you can putter around the snow on a snowmobile and climb to crazy speeds. Prefer something with a little more muscle? How about a huge truck with chained tires? If you’re crazy enough, you can even try one of those speedy circuit racers on a snowy course, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s tough to make it around those hairpin turns when you’re sliding around like a duck on a frozen pond! Winter driving games are among one of our favorite sub-categories, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. (Get it, iceberg=winter!).

Winter Dress Up Games

Some people prefer trying cute outfits on over sloshing around in the snow, and that’s perfectly fine, too. If you’re more of an indoor type, then check out our many winter dress up games. We know what it sounds like – winter is for bulky coats and pants, so how could somebody possibly look fabulous in such a getup? After seeing the dozens upon dozens of glamorous gowns, super cute tops, coats, boots and so on, you will quickly realize that fashion can survive in even six feet of snow! That’s one thing we love about this gameplay style – it will give you tons of fashion tips that you can use in real life, all for free! And by the way, who says you have to like just one or another? You can throw on a gorgeous getup and then hit the slopes on our winter driving games.

Winter Arctic Games

If you think a couple of frigid months a year is rough, imagine living in the arctic. Up there, it’s cold all the time! Winter arctic games are all about icebergs, polar bears, penguins and all kinds of other fun gameplay elements. As long as the game is set in this environment, it could be anything. Some winter arctic games have you sliding on your belly over the slippery slopes to earn a high score. Other games might have you solving tricky puzzles and riddles against a snowy backdrop. Or, if you really like to get into trouble, you can go skipping across icy platforms or explore your way through a frozen tomb! The possibilities are endless with winter arctic games, so make sure that you’re ready for anything before you start. The only thing these all have in common is the temperature. It’s nippy out there!

The Seasonal Fun Is Just Getting Started

Did you know that this isn’t our only online games category set in snowy game worlds? We have not only one, but two other categories that you can enjoy throughout the holiday season, in fact! If you’re looking forward to a visit from the big fellow himself, Santa Claus, you can sled your way over to our Christmas games category for all things related to the holiday. From tinsel and trees to flying reindeer, it’s all about the holiday. On the other hand, if you just want to enjoy this season and others, we have an area dedicated just to seasonal gamesYou might be surprised by what’s inside: sled, pumpkins, and all kinds of good stuff. Either way, it’s okay if there are still a few weeks or months before winter. As long as you’re having fun, it can snow in July!

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