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Travel to the snowy mountains in these skiing games! No matter what your skills are on real skis, in the online skiing games, anyone can be a master of this winter sport. Besides skiing games, we also have a lot of other winter-themed gams. If you are feeling festive, check out our collection of amazing winter holiday games.

What are skiing games?

Skiing games are part of our huge selection of sports games, just like football games, basketball games, and others. In skiing games, the player must control a character sliding on a set of skis. In some games, the goal is to be fast, in some, it's to make tricks and jumps while skiing - play them all to master the sport!

Slalom skiing games

These games are specifically designed to simulate the slalom skiing sport, where the athlete must be very precise skiing between poles and gates. Just as in the real sport, the main goal of the game is to be quick and ski as close to the obstacles as possible, without touching them. To try these skiing sports games, we recommend playing the GP Ski Slalom online game

What are the best online skiing games?

To start your skiing game journey, we can suggest these games

  • Ski down a hill and avoid rocks and other obstacles - Downhill Ski

  • Change lanes while skiing and collect coins and avoid danger - Impossible Ski

  • Maneuver between poles in this Slalom skiing game - Ski King

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