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Lace Up Those Boots, It’s World Cup Games Time!

Even if you weren’t necessarily part of the “starting eleven” on your local club team, no worries, because these World Cup games are taking you straight to the top level of global soccer competition! Everyone has been talking about it on the news for months. Top squads from all over the planet have been training for this very day. Good thing you’ve been training for your entire life for this moment! You throw on your uniform, chant and cheer in the huddle, and head out to the field. It’s time to play FIFA world cup games like you’ve never seen them before! Ready for some serious competition, footballer? This category will keep your soccer skills sharp, to be sure. There’s only one question we have to ask you…

How Do You Like to Play?

As a professional footballer in the year 2020 and beyond, you don’t really have much of a choice other than to play the classic eleven-on-eleven setup. Sure, it may be fun to show off your tricks and skills against rival players on the streets, but that won’t fly in the real world. Thankfully, this world cup games soccer category is different. It’s okay to admit it, if you’re more of a showoff type, then we have game modes that will give you plenty of time to hog the ball. If you love making that perfect play with your team as you charge the goal, then you’ll want to try our world cup football games that act like a real game. That’s the whole point of online games, isn’t it? You can do what you want!

One on One

Ah, the classic one-on-one. There’s no better way to display your dominance as a fleet-footed footballer than dancing around your opponent while they spin in circles. The object of these world cup football games is simple: get the ball, get past your opponent, and rocket that thing into the goal! The harder you can kick it, the cooler you look. We love this type of world cup football games because they are perfect for a single-player setup. You don’t need a whole team to show how awesome you are, after all. Another awesome feature of these titles is that they allow you to choose from some of the world’s greatest football players. Become your hero, juke that defender and listen to that crowd roar! It’s a marvelous life, being a pro footballer.

Fire Away

Just like there’s more than one kind of soccer showoff, we have included more than one kind of 1-v-1 game type in this soccer world cup games category. Fancy dribbling is always a crowd pleaser, but what about the perfect goal? There’s nothing like that half-second pause before a sizzling shot on target. The crowd gasps, the goalkeeper’s pupils dilate, and everything stands still for that perfect moment in time. Then, BAM – like a bullet, that ball flies towards its target and sizzles through the back of the net! The goalkeeper never had a chance. If you want to have some of this glory for yourself, then try one of our penalty shootout games and take your spot right in front of the goal. No need to worry about all that fancy footwork to get you there. You either make the shot or miss it – it’s soccer in its purest form!

Classic Mode

Okay, as much fun as showing off can be, sometimes, you have to play with the team. After all, you can’t take on ten players and the keeper all by yourself, even if you think you can. In the competitive spirit of the world cup, these world cup football games have brought great nations together to battle it out for that ultimate title: world champion. You’re not going to get there without your squad mates, so why not learn to play as a team? Pass, dribble, get open, call for the cross, and head that ball in the goal! What, we didn’t say you couldn’t score goals anymore, we just said you have to play with the team.

The Ultimate Tournament

If you prefer the fun of a quick and friendly exhibition, then we invite you to strut your soccer skills in our soccer games category. If you’re here, however, it means that you’re ready to be the absolute best. It means you have come to take the entire tournament! You aren’t just going to do it in one game, though. There are 31 other teams competing who want that shiny cup just as badly as you do, so get ready to fight for what’s yours. Won your first game, did you? Don’t celebrate yet, you aren’t even in the quarter finals! You’ll have to win several more to make it to the final, and then, the biggest game of your life. That’s why we love world cup games specifically – they add so much pressure and excitement!

The Hits Just Keep Coming

Even though soccer is the best and most popular sport in the world, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. If you simply can’t get enough winning in 2020 and beyond, why not take it from the world cup of soccer to the cricket championships? Or baseball? Whether it’s baseball, basketball, golf or whatever else, our sports games category will keep you coming back for more glory and bragging rights. These games are all free and unblocked, so don’t worry about downloads or cost. The only question is, are you ready to become the next world cup games champion and then some?

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