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Nothing Beats That Sound…Swish!

Do you have the skills to command the court? Are you always bragging about how great you are at basketball? Prove it in this free basketball games category! Basketball is one of the most popular sports games online and in real life, and that's why we have an entire selection of b-ball games just waiting for you to test your skills on. Whether you’re an eagle-eyed three-point shooter, a fancy dribbler, or a little bit of both, you will need to pull out every trick you have to outscore your opponents and earn awesome high scores. It’s time to lace up those fancy shoes and throw on your favorite jersey. Get ready to bounce, pass, dribble and swish your way to a win, because these free basketball games are all about your favorite sport! Let’s start with everyone’s favorite part, shall we? Shooting!

Shoot Like a Pro

You’ve seen how the professional players do it on TV -it looks like they aren’t even trying. They calmly step up to that free throw line, take a few breaths, and make two shots – swish! Even if a defender is in their face, they can step back and “drain” an awesome three-pointer without breaking a sweat (well, they sweat plenty, but you get the point). If you’ve always wanted to master the perfect basketball shot, now’s your chance! If you want to try your skills in other sports games too, why not give it a try in any of our free football games!

Win Your Way

Why is our free basketball games category even better than the real thing? For starters, we’ve given you more than one way to win! That’s right, you don’t need to cram four of your buddies around your phone just to play a game of basketball. You can do it all on your own with all of these games. Also, you can go outside the traditional scoreboard, winning the way you want to win. You can win by slam-dunking the ball fifteen times in a row, taking free throw after free throw, or however else you want! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that in real life? For now, we’ll just stick to this free basketball games category. Which method do you prefer, beating your own high score or ruling the scoreboard? If this sounds cool, check out also our cool games online - you will find a lot of games to keep you entertained!

High Score

There’s nothing more fun and addicting than playing for the ultimate high score! Who are you trying to outdo, yourself or the world? The choice is yours. If you truly want to rule the court on a global stage, then find a game with a leaderboard and start climbing your way to the top. If you just like to improve upon your own scores, that’s great too. As you work, you’ll find new little tricks for scoring more points. Making multiple baskets in a row, for example, earns you awesome point multipliers in a lot of these games! Of course, if you’re a fan of the traditional scoring method, you can always count on the old scoreboard to declare the winner.

Outscoring Your Opponent

Teamwork makes the dream work, just like in most multiplayer games online. Ten players, two hoops, and hours of non-stop fun and action. That’s the way we’ve been playing basketball for decades and for a good reason. If you’re a diehard fan of the sport, then why change the way it’s played? Hop into our free basketball games category and find your opportunity to play like a pro. Show off your moves, the score for your team, and earn true basketball glory! It’s okay if you can’t palm the ball in real life – your character can do it all day. Ready to become the next basketball stud? We’ll see you on the court! 

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