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Customize Your Squad and Hit the Field in these Soccer Games!

Soccer fans are a different breed, aren’t they? They live, eat, and sleep their favorite sport. They wear soccer jerseys everywhere they go, and they’re always ready for a game of streetball. When it’s time to hit the field, they don’t joke around. As Soccer is one of the most popular types of sports games online, we’ve created this free soccer games category, especially for the fans. We want to bring you the thrills of streaking down the field towards the enemy goal, picking a corner, and slotting that ball in while the whole world cheers! Not only can you choose your favorite country to play as in this category, but in some games you can even narrow it down to your favorite club team! It’s time to suit up, hit the field, and show that goalkeeper why he should have stayed in bed this morning!

Fun Friendly or Intense Tournament? You Decide!

What’s more fun for you, lacing up the cleats for a casual game or getting ready for the biggest tournament of your life? On the one hand, a friendly one allows you to show off your skills more without worrying about losing the ball once in a while. If you love performing under pressure, though, a tournament will keep your adrenaline high the whole time. Either way, we have plenty of exhibitions, tournaments, and league plays for you to sample in this category. You can play against your old teammates in an easy matchup or clash with your bitter rivals as you fight to win that precious cup. Our advice? Start with a friendly first to master your favorite skills, then jump into the serious stuff! That way, you get the best of both worlds. If you want to try your luck in another popular sport - give it a go in our free basketball games!

Easy Exhibitions

Our free soccer games are competitive, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stressful. Besides, soccer is supposed to be all about fun, remember? If you just want to have a casual day on the field, then hop into an exhibition, choose your favorite team, and make it a close game. Ping your passes around, send in a cross or charge straight at the goal like a bull. That’s the beautiful part about these online soccer games – you can totally redefine the way you play the game. If you’re normally a forward in real life, you can play defensively and learn some new ideas. The choice is yours, and you don’t have to worry about losing! Just have a good time and practice your skills. When you’re ready, it’s tournament time!

League Championships and Tournaments

It doesn’t matter if you’re the highest-ranked team in the world or the lowest-ranked team in the world. Everybody starts the same at the beginning of the tournament. It’s up to you to earn that sparkly trophy – nobody’s just going to hand it to you! This is where things get a little more serious. Choose your squad carefully, get plenty of practice, and head to opening day with confidence. Work your way through the ranks, and don’t let go of that ball! If you can control possession, you can usually control the game. After a few wins, you’ll see that trophy getting closer and closer. Build your skills in soccer games and other fun skill games online!

Turn-Based or Live-Action

When you’re on the field, you have no choice. You have to run around for the whole game without stopping. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could grab a soda or a snack in between kicks, though? While that would look silly in a real game, we’ve made it a possibility in this free soccer games category. Turn-based soccer is a very fun and relaxed version of the game. Simply take your best shot at goal, let your opponents return the favor, and keep going back and forth until that ball strolls across the goal line. If you want to stay in the action the whole time, of course, we’ve got plenty of real-time play options for you. That’s all you need to know, so let’s jump in, shall we? Join your squad, hit the field, and make a name for yourself as a soccer star!

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