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Rain, Snow or Shine – It’s Golf Games Time!

As fun as “regular” golf is, it can be a hassle sometimes. You nervously watch the weather report all week to make sure it doesn’t rain or snow on Sunday morning. You get all your gear together the night before, call your buddies to make sure they’re coming, and clean out your wallet just so you can play nine holes. Well, with free golf games online, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Whether it’s a draught or a blizzard outside, you can stay in you wonderfully air-conditioned (or heated) home and play online golf games for hours on end! Golf online games are completely free – at least ours are – so you can play as much as you want without worrying. Plus, they’re totally unblocked. 

Golf Games Unblocked

Playing golf games online with blockers on is like trying to drive a ball 300 yards with a putter – it’s just not going to work if you’re at school (or another public computer)! Game blockers are just that – programs and settings designed to keep you from playing fun games for computer or for mac. Thanks to our awesome browser-based gaming environment, however, you don’t have to worry about blockers at all! That’s right, these games are not only free to play online, but they tiptoe around blockers like a couple of golfers playing through. So, there’s no reason to count these golf games unblocked versions out if you’re at a public computer. Just open up a web browser, find us and start playing! Speaking of playing, we’ve got tons and tons of variety in this category for you. 

Perfect Your Golf Game with a Huge Selection

Just like the game of golf itself, we’ve made sure that our golf video games for android, for iPad and for computer give gamers opportunities to enjoy each fun and challenging aspect of the game. Set your power, crack that ball and watch it soar down the fairway as you admire that beautiful drive. Or, you can set up the perfect putt and sink that shot to make (or even beat) the course par! We even have some free golf games that feature characters and gameplay elements that you would never see in real life – just wait, you’ll see. We recommend that, before you dive into this golf games online category, you ask yourself, “Do I want to play regular golf for computer, or do I want to see something totally different?” We’ve got both! Let’s take a closer look.  

The Perfect Drive

Seasoned golfers know that there are a lot of factors that can affect how far and how accurately they can drive the ball. There’s the wind direction, the way the ball is positioned, the type of club that’s being used, and obviously – the way that the club is swung. If you’re tired of worrying about those things, some of our simpler golf games on computer just allow you to set your power and have at it. If you actually like taking all of those factors into account, then our more sophisticated golf online games will let you adjust all kinds of stuff before you even swing the club. Either way, if you’re looking to whack that ball a few hundred yards without wearing silly pants and overpaying, then our free golf games online have you covered. Fore! 

A Putter’s Playground

Hey, who says that mini golf isn’t real golf? Sure, it may be scoffed at by the pro circuit, but if you’re looking to really learn how a ball responds to putting, then there is no way to improve your “short game.” We have plenty of golf games arcade style that put you in crazy situations, whether there are obstacles in your way, hills, special ramps and arches, and all kinds of fun features to make things tougher. You can leave the 9-iron at home, because you won’t need to be swinging for the fences in these kinds of golfing games. Once you play a few rounds of putting, then you can take your skills to the real golf course and show them your new and improved short game! 

Wait, What’s That?

Of course, one of the coolest things about video games in general is that they can take a familiar concept and make it ridiculous, fantastical and fun. If you’re a golfer at heart, and you just want to simulate the sport with these golf games on computer, then that’s fine. If you want something a little bit more interesting, however, then we have lots of “out there” concepts for you to sample as well! Enjoy crazy characters and scenarios that you would never come across on a real golf course. You can even play golfing high score games that have nothing to do with sinking putts or making the perfect drive. A bonus advantage here is, unlike on the real course, you can sometimes undo, retry and try again of course! All for free. If you want to try other sports games, we also have a category dedicated just for that! 

When You’re Ready, Challenge a Friend!

Ask any golfer who’s been at it for years, and they’ll proudly tell you at least one story about that day that they finally beat their really skilled friend at a round. We want to make sure you have the same experience in these online golf games, so we’ve made sure to incorporate plenty of multiplayer golf games. In these two-player golf games, you can take turns cracking that ball like in traditional golf. Or, you can even split the screen and take on a new version of golf if you prefer faster and more intense competition. Either way, multiplayer golf games are the perfect way to settle a friendly score with one of your real-life rivals. Ready to practice your skills and become the golf games online champion? Then head to the “green” and start swinging!

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