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Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

From old, dusty saloons to basements across the world, pool games have been around since as early as the 1400s. There are many ways to play (ever heard of snooker?), but the most common mode is called “American eight-ball,” where each player has to pocket all of the stripes or solids before sinking the eight ball to win. Our online pool games are no different from the original, except you don’t need a huge, heavy table taking up your entire basement – just whatever you love to play free games on! Grab a cue, line up your shot and take as much time as you need to hit that cue ball at your target, because you only get one turn. Of course, there’s much more to the game than that, especially when you are playing with fun online variations. Ready to explore our pool games free category? Let’s “chalk up” and hit the table!

Master the Perfect Shot in These Online Pool Games

Whether you’re showing off with some awesome trick shots or going head-to-head with a tough opponent in these free pool games, there’s very little room for error. That ball doesn’t always stop in a convenient place, you know. You have to have the perfect shot for every situation, which means you need to master the angles, combine hits with another pool ball and play defensively when you need to. Sometimes, you even have to jump your ball over another to get the shot that you need! Anything goes in these free online pool games, so make sure that you’ve got each kind of shot mastered before you jump into a highly competitive tournament. Speaking of shots, let’s take a closer look at the skills you will need to bring your cool pool games experience to a victorious end.

Bank Away

Ever watch championship pool tournaments on tv? There’s nothing cooler than seeing a pro bank a ball off four of the side rails before tapping the eight ball into the corner pocket. It’s no different with free pool games online, because sometimes, your opponent’s ball might be in your way, so you have to go around! The perfect bank shot requires you to be creative, accurate and really smart with angles. Here’s a pro tip: if you want to master the bank shot, make sure to play one of the free pool games in this category that shows you where your ball is about to go with a little dotted or solid line. Once you’re really good at bouncing and banking that cue ball, find some cool pool games that don’t give you this tip. Banking can be really helpful, but it’s not the only tricky pool skill you will need.

Combos and Jumps

The best pool games give players the opportunity to get out of sticky situations, which is why we’ve made sure that our category is no different. Sometimes, an opponent’s ball is between the cue ball and the one you want to hit. If you don’t have any room for a bank shot, try a combo! Whether you’re in pool arcade games or real life, the perfect combo always goes like this: you hit the cue ball, the cue ball hits your opponent’s ball, your opponent’s ball hits your ball, and in the pocket it goes! Sounds like a lot, right? Well, if you want to skip over all of this, then just literally “skip over” it! You can’t jump in every pool game, but in some of the best pool games online, it’s an option that you absolutely have to try. If not for winning the game, at least for style!


Most people don’t think a lot about defense when it comes to pool, but this pool games online free category is filled with chances to prevent your opponent from scoring. Sure, you usually want to focus on knocking your own balls in, but if your opponent has a ball perfectly lined up to score, why not get in their way a little bit? You can either hit the cue ball between your opponent’s ball and the pocket, or you can just hit your opponent’s ball into a worse position. Whatever your defensive strategy is in these free multiplayer pool games, don’t forget that it’s an option when you need to prevent a score. It’s not necessarily the most honorable way to play the game, but hey – you’ll do whatever it takes to win, won’t you?

Pool Games Unblocked

Speaking of getting in the way and blocking things, don’t you hate it when the free game that you really want to try is blocked by your school’s computer? Never fear, because all of these pool table games are completely unblocked! What does “pool games unblocked” mean, exactly? It means that these games can’t be stopped on any computer. As long as you have Internet, there’s no blocker that can hold you back!

From the Table to the Field

After an hour or two of our playable pool games, you may be interested in taking your skills to another athletic arena. Perhaps a team sport, or something with a bigger ball? If you’re ready to switch it up, head over to our sports games category and try your hand (or your foot, if you like soccer) at one of our many sports games. Until then, chalk up that pool cue and work on your accuracy, pool shark! When it’s time to hit the eight ball, don’t forget to call the pocket like a pro.

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