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It’s Bowling Without the Stinky Rental Shoes!

Your friends say, “Hey, you want to go for a few bowling games?” and at first, you’re excited. Then, you remember that you have to wear those stinky, greasy rental shoes that they give you. They hardly ever fit, and your feet smell like them for a day after you’ve left. Well, we at Kiloo say “no thank you” to stinky shoes and socks, and we encourage you to do the same. Never fear, you can still have hours and hours of fun with bowling games for kids. Just how do I do that, you ask? Just check out our online list of bowling games! What’s more, they are all completely free. And unblocked. We have bowling games for kids, classic arcade bowling games, and much more for you to enjoy in this game category. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Shooting for a Perfect Game?

Look, there’s nothing wrong with hitting the virtual bowling alley for a while and having a great time. If you don’t get a great score, that’s okay – at least you’ll never need to use the bumpers! If you’re the type who simply must strive for perfection with every throw, then don’t worry, we have a few pointers for you. Of course, in regular bowling games, it’s all about the flick of the wrist, keeping your eye on the landing spot, and so on. In bowling games online, however, it’s more about knowing the proper settings and techniques to use before you even step up to the foul line. That should be good news for any of you who aren’t so gifted in a real-life bowling alley, right? Anyway, we don’t want to just hand you everything, but we will at least give three bowling games online tips to help boost your score in no time.

Find the Sweet Spot

Alright, here’s a bowling pop quiz for you, and it only has one question. Which pin(s) should you hit at which angle to score a perfect strike? Sure, if you heave that ball down the lane enough times, you’ll luck into a strike or two with these bowling games online (and in real life). If you want to consistently get strikes, however, you need to find the sweet spot. Also known as the “pocket,” the sweet spot is an area just off to the side of the headpin that you should aim for when you throw the bowling ball. Hit the headpin at a slight angle, of 3 to 6 degrees, and you’ll see them all go tumbling down. Practice this enough times, and you’ll finally nail the perfect strike! Now you just have to do it exactly like that nine times in a row without failing…

Choose a Throw and Stick With It

A lot of bowlers, especially when they are first starting out, like to just hurl that ball straight at the headpin as hard as they can in an attempt to just blast the pins down. This usually results in each of the corner pins staying up, which is almost an impossible shot to make. So, they switch to a curveball, but that doesn’t work so great either, so they switch back and forth between a curved and a straight throw. This is no way to have a perfect game, that’s for sure! We recommend that you commit to one style of throwing. Which style, you ask? Well, almost every professional bowler on the planet uses a curved throw, so that should give you a strong hint. Who knows, though. Free online bowling games can sometimes be a different animal. Either way, commit to a throw and perfect it.

Know Your Splits

Every bowler has them, and no bowler likes them. If your throw is even a hair or two off in real bowling games, guess what – some pins are going to be left standing. It’s no different in free bowling games for kids, either. The worst split that you can have, of course, is the dreaded 7/10 split. That’s when both of the corner pins are still standing, and you have to knock them out with one throw to get a spare! Our advice? Pick a pin, aim for the inside of it, throw the ball really hard, and bounce it off the wall to hit the other pin. It’s a long shot, but it just might work. From there, the splits only get easier, and you may just need a slight curve to lean your ball into closely grouped pins. Like all things in bowling and in life, the best way to perfect these is to practice.

Bowling Games Aren’t the Only Way to Ball

Did you think that our sports-related content stopped and started here? Oh goodness, no – we have tons and tons of sports games and other online contests for you to take part in. We have multiplayer battles as well as some really fun solo exhibitions in pretty much every major sport so you can choose your favorite. If you want to keep a ball in play, we have an entire area dedicated to ball games so you can try your hand (or feet) at soccer or basketball or who knows what else! In the meantime, we will hope to see you working on that mean hook throw in this online bowling games category.

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