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From the Pool Hall to Your Screen

For more than a hundred years now, people have been taking aim and cracking away at pool balls in smoky bars across the world. It’s fair to say that 8-Ball Pool games have been the cause for many a bar fight, that’s for certain. But never fear – you don’t have to deal with the sneaky hustlers, dingy pool halls or brawls in this 8-Ball Pool free online category, because it’s all virtual! Save the chalk, because there’s no need for it in an online game of 8-Ball Pool. Just make sure you make each shot count, and don’t stop until that 8-ball is in the pocket. Speaking of, let’s go over 8-Ball Pool rules before we get into the tricks of the trade, shall we?

8-Ball Pool Rules

If it’s easier for you to remember the rules of 8-Ball Pool this way, some people call it “stripes versus solids.” Here’s how it works: there are two players facing off against each other, and all 15 balls are in play. One player will focus on pocketing balls 1-7 (the solids), and the other player will have to pocket balls 9-15. Whoever can legally pocket their seven balls first will have an opportunity to shoot for the 8-ball. Hit the 8-ball in, and you win! That about does it for the rules of 8-Ball pool, but winning takes a whole lot more than just knowing how to play.

Here’s Your Pro Skill Handbook

Look, these online 8-Ball Pool games are completely free, so you don’t need to worry about losing any dough. If you want to hear the wonderful sound of that 8-ball being pocketed, however, you’ll have to learn a couple of skills that they don’t teach you on the first day. In order to win, you’ll need to play 8-Ball Pool just like the pros on tv. Sure, it would normally take you years and years of practice to get that good in real life, but in these free 8-Ball Pool games, you can get there in just a few hours? So, what skills are we talking about? Check this out.


Even though saving your money is important, that’s not the kind of “banking” that we’re talking about. No, banking refers to bouncing either the cue ball or the ball you’re hitting off of the rails in order to get around other balls. Sometimes, you won’t have a clear shot at anything, but you don’t want to waste your turn, do ya? If you want to stay competitive in your 8-Ball Pool online free game, you’ll have to make every shot count. So, find the ball you want to hit, and if your path is blocked by a ball, bank around it and hit your ball in! Just choose a side wall, set the angle just right and you’ll go right around them.


Going around is all good and fine, but if you want to be really fancy, you can even go over. Now, not all of these 8-Ball Online pool games allow you to do this, but you should take advantage of every game that does. The concept is the same as before: you need to hit a ball, but an opponent’s ball is directly in your path. Well, if you have room, just hop right over them and make your shot! In real life, this is a really advanced skill, but thankfully, it’s not so challenging in an online game of 8-Ball Pool.


One of the hardest tricks to pull off when you play 8-Ball pool online is the combination. Now, remember, you have to hit your ball first, so this won’t work if you hit an opponent’s ball to start. However, if the path to the ball that you want to hit is blocked by your own ball, you can try a combination. So, here’s what we mean: you hit the cue ball, the cue ball hits your first ball, your first ball hits your second ball, and the second ball goes in! You will have to calculate the angle twice, instead of once, because of the extra ball. If you can pull it off, though, you will definitely be considered an 8-Ball Pool online game champion!

8-Ball Pool Unblocked

It’s tough enough on this felt battlefield with your opponent’s balls getting in the way of your shot. You don’t need game blockers too! For that reason, we made sure that this category has 8-Ball Pool unblocked online games only. By “unblocked,” we mean that all of these games can be played at school! That’s right, even if your school has a blocker up, these free online games will fly right under it. They work in a web browser, so just pop one open and start playing 8-Ball Pool.

No One-Trick Ponies Here!

After some practice with these free online games, you’ll be able to bank, bounce and sink shots with the best of them, but why stop there? A true gamer moves onto other challenges so that they can grow their reputation and have fun doing it. For that reason, we have the ultimate billiard baron’s playground in the form of a pool games category, where 8-ball is just the beginning. Even beyond that, when you’ve mastered the pool table, you can move on to our sports games for all kinds of new conquests. See you on the table? Or the field, or the court – you get it.

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