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Who Doesn’t Love RPG Games?

You probably know this already, but the “RPG” in “RPG games” stands for “role-playing game.” Ever since this genre came out in the late 70s and early 80s, people have never stopped playing them. From board games to the awesome online RPG games that we’re bringing you today, they’ve held a place in the hearts of gamers everywhere. So, what exactly is an RPG? It’s a game that allows you to fully inhabit the world of the main character. You make choices in the game that can affect the outcome later, and you have full control over what you look like and even some of the things you say. Basically, it’s like a video game that you can actually live out. If you’ve never played one before, you’re in for a treat, because we’ve got a full category of free RPG games waiting for you to explore!

Why RPGs Are So Much Fun

It took us a while to realize this, but we think that what makes this free online category one of the best (if not the best) that we have is the combination of realism and fantasy. In non-RPG games, you get to enjoy fun and fantastical gameplay, but you can’t really relate to the character because you don’t get to make choices for them. On the other hand, some super realistic games (like Sims) are really heavy on the character development part, but you don’t get a ton of fantasy gameplay. Well, RPGs have both. You get to act like a real person while also charging through a dungeon and slaying all manner of beasts in a medieval quest to save the princess. You get the best of both worlds, make sense? If it doesn’t yet, let’s take a closer look at the best features of RPG games.


As we mentioned, nothing is more engaging in a game than the ability to choose. A story that just goes along without you can be played in your sleep, because you don’t have to do anything! In free online RPG games, however, you have to ask yourself, “Hm, what would I do in that situation?” Things aren’t always so black and white, and you might be forced to make difficult decisions. Save this person’s life, and they may help you later in the game. Let this person die, and though you can take their equipment, their angry friends might come back later to fight you! In some of the new RPG games online, you can even build up good or bad “karma,” which can open you up to certain abilities and outcomes.


Whether it’s new flash RPG games or a decades-old classic, the most important part of an RPG is the story. It has to be realistic enough to really immerse you in the plot while also offering a high level of thrill and excitement. Ideally, the best free RPG games do a few things with the story. They show you vast, untapped, and sometimes dangerous lands. They take you through frightening, exciting, and scary experiences. They pit you against tough foes and even tougher decisions. By the end of the story, you should feel like the person who started the game has been fully transformed into someone older, better and more worthy of honor. Of course, that all depends on if you behave or if you choose to be a tyrant!


They wouldn’t be RPG dungeon games if they didn’t offer multiple areas for you to explore. You might start out in a dark and creepy cellar, clearing out monsters that have been there for who knows how long. Next, you may travel to a peaceful meadow, right before evil horsemen come over the hill to ambush you. In most RPG games online, there is at least one town or village you can travel to where vendors can sell you gear. Speaking of, let’s talk about something RPGs are also known for: awesome armor and weapons, of course!

Gear, Weapons and Combat

No matter how you behave or where you explore, it’s very unlikely that you will make it even halfway through the plot of any RPG adventure games without coming across trouble. When the need arises to protect yourself, what are you going to do? You’re not just going to grab the nearest fallen tree branch and give it a go, are you? Preparation is the best way to survive these free online games, friend, so be prepared. That means decking yourself out in sturdy, stylish armor and some seriously deadly weapons. How and where can you get this kind of gear? Well, that depends on the game. Sometimes, you craft it. Other times, you steal it from fallen foes. Some games just let you buy armor and weapons, or they reward you gear when you level up. However you do it, it should be one of your top priorities if you want to survive!

Still Looking to the Horizon? You’ll Find These There

In everyone who loves RPG online games like we do, there lies the heart of an explorer. We know it, too. It means that, even after one story is complete, and another, and another, you still look to the horizon for your next adventure. To make sure that you don’t run out of glory and tales of triumph to tell – at least not anytime soon – we have stocked this RPG online games category AND an entire adventure games category with big, beautiful titles! So go ahead, traveler. Grab your supplies and hit the trail. In these fun RPG games, every step forward brings you closer to destiny.

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