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It’s Time to Show off Your Style!

Ever wish you could spend a day in a world-famous fashion designer’s custom-made shoes? In our online fashion games category, you actually can! You’ve been playing fashion designer with your own clothes for years – now it’s time to prove your skills on the global stage. In these games, models from all over the world are lining up for you to dress them in the most trendy and stylish garments. Simply reach into your fabulous closet filled with your designs and choose the best clothes for each model. It’s okay if you aren’t thrilled by your choices right away. Each of these games have dozens, if not hundreds, of options for trendy clothes and accessories. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to swap out garments before the big fashion show. 

Fit Your Fashion to the Occasion

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself as a fashion designer is, “What am I dressing this model up for?” Is she being photographed on the runway, or is she just going out for a picnic? Does the outfit need to be more practical, more chic, or a little bit of both? Each occasion comes with thousands of options. It’s your job to choose the outfit that best fits the occasion, even if it creates a whole new way of looking at it. That’s why we love Princess Summer Designer: it allows you to create gorgeous fashions for a day at the beach that nobody’s ever seen before! You can still make every outfit unique, just as long as it fits well with the occasion.

Dazzle the Crowds at Fancy Parties

Speaking of occasions, there is no better excuse to wrap yourself in the latest fashions than a fancy ball! This online fashion games category is filled with thrilling titles that allow you to prepare a would-be princess to amaze partygoers by designing the ultimate outfit for her. Sometimes, though, there’s more to fashion than simply picking out nice clothes before a party. In Ladybug Masquerade Maqueover, wich is a makeover game, for example, you also help to clean up the model’s cuts, bruises and other blemishes so that your designs will shine even more. The best way to have your fashion designs appreciated is at a party, so what are you waiting for? Show everyone just how sharp your designs can be.

Share Your Designs with the World

High-end parties with lots of people in attendance may be great for showing off fashion designs to a couple hundred fans, but with Instagirls Dressup, you can share your designs with thousands! Choose from dozens of fully customizable garments and accessories to create the perfect look. Snap a picture and watch the likes pile up. The more likes that each of your pictures get, the more money you have to buy more clothes! That’s one of our favorite things about this online fashion games category: the ability to share your designs. Being fabulous takes work, after all. Why not show off a little so that everyone else can appreciate your designs? If you don’t love it at first, just start over and try again. And again, and again…  

Create Your Favorite Outfit

Of course, fashion doesn’t always have to be about impressing the people around you. If you want, you can create hundreds of designs within this games category without showing them to anybody. We love this about the online fashion design category because it allows you to completely be yourself without worrying. Mix and match the designs however you want, because who cares? Want to pair a t-shirt with a long skirt? Nobody’s stopping you. This gives you a chance to just have fun and experiment. You’ll learn so much more about fashion just by playing around! So, there’s no need to be shy or to worry about what others think of your designs. Each outfit is a chance for you to show your skills, whether people like them or not!

Play Around with Different Styles

If you’re not sure where to get started with our free fashion games category, it might help to think about the type of look you’re going for. Do you want to create something sporty? How about an exotic look that shows off a lot of culture? Maybe your specialty will be glamorous, high-end fashion. Picture the kind of look that you’re going for before you start picking out clothes. This will really help to guide you towards an awesome look. The possibilities are endless, so just choose your favorite style and work in that direction. Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t make up a completely new style! What if you combine this top with that skirt? Hmmm, interesting…

Share with Your Friends

Ever wish you had another set of eyeballs to help you create, rate and improve your designs? We recommend inviting your friends to play so that they can give you some advice for your fashion choices. You can also help them with their designs to return the favor. You’ll find that these games are even more fun when you have someone to bounce ideas off of. That’s what fashion is all about, after all – bringing people together with beautiful designs, fun photo shoots and awesome parties. Enjoy this free fashion games category, and don’t ever forget the most important rule in both fashion and in life: just be yourself!

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