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Who Says You Can’t Play with Your Food?

Maybe you can’t get away with it at your dinner table, but in this food games category, you can have fun with your food! We love online food games because they take an ordinary part of our daily life and make them highly entertaining and exciting. In a few clicks of your mouse or taps of your finger, you can become a master chef whipping up tasty treats for a huge crowd of people. Throughout this genre, just like in real life, speed is very important. After all, you wouldn’t want to wait forever to eat when you’re hungry, right? Let’s get cooking!

Win How You Want with these Fun and Tasty Food Games

This free food games category is overflowing with different themes and game types for you to enjoy.  Ever wish you could have endless ingredients to make crazy burgers, hot dogs, or pizzas? If you prefer to stay in the kitchen and prepare dishes, you can try your hand with a chef’s knife (wait, is that a ninja sword?). If you like to be on the “front lines,” serving food directly to customers, you can pop your head out of the serving window and take on wave after wave of customers. Whatever your role is, make sure that you get plenty of practice before that restaurant opens up in the morning. Dreaming of a tasty slice of pizza? Check out our selection of pizza games.

Beat the Rush

If you’ve ever wanted to run a real restaurant or work in one, these online food games are great practice. Just like in our fun restaurant games, in most food games you have to prepare the food, serve each customer, collect their payment and do it all over again – just like a real restaurant! Each order is different, and you’ll need to make sure you include everything the customer asks for. If you take too long on even on order, you’re in big trouble! Every customer has to walk away happy if you want to make any money. Speaking of, you better scoop up those glittery coins before they disappear…

How to Earn Master Chef Status

Do you love playing around with ingredients in the kitchen? One customer wants a turkey leg with a sunny-side-up egg on it and mustard? Don’t judge them, just whip it up and move on – quickly! They may make it look easy on TV and in these games, but if you truly want to become a master chef, you are going to need to “sharpen” some of your skills (sorry, we couldn’t help it). It’s much easier than you think to accidentally switch ingredients, forget orders and fall behind during the rush. We noticed while testing these games that if we just practiced a couple of easy habits, we were able to make more orders with fewer mistakes. We’re willing to pass these pro tips on to you if you promise to make each order perfectly. After all, if the customer isn’t happy, then nobody is happy!

Repeat the Order to Yourself

Even if your fellow cooks and servers think you’re crazy, who cares? Whatever helps you get the food out fast is what you should be doing. So, right after the customer tells you the order, take a look at it for a second and just repeat it to yourself as you look for the ingredients. “Okay, they wanted a hot dog, mustard, pickle, and fries. Hot dog, mustard, pickle, and fries.” If you keep repeating it, you’ll never forget it! And hey, if you don’t want to seem strange in front of the customers and staff, you can just whisper the order or repeat it in your head. If you need to practice a bit more on delivering the right orders, play our free cooking games online, and learn how to make delicious dishes!

Always Serve in Order

This is so very important in real life and these free food games! Even if you get flooded with five or six orders at the same time, you have to prepare and send out the food in the same order. In other words, the last person to order shouldn’t get their food first! Sometimes, people will just sit down and demand food without even walking up to the counter. Well, if they won’t come to you, then you won’t come to them. Whip up a hot plate of steamy goodness, and frisbee it down the table to them! Enjoy these online food games, chef, and remember – the customer is always right!


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