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Now We’re Cooking!

Do you find yourself always messing around in the kitchen? Have your parents ever had to hide the tastier treats from you? Well, there’s no need to worry about that in these free cooking games, because you’re in charge now! These fast-paced and engaging games put you in charge of the entire kitchen. Your customers are hungry for something hot, fresh, and delicious, and they aren’t willing to wait for it! Make sure you get everything you need to make your specialty items laid out in front of you. Get prepped, make your way to the counter and get ready for those orders to start piling on. Throw those ingredients together and don’t forget the sides. This category requires a cool head and quick hands. Let’s get started!

Everything You Need is at Your Fingertips

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to make that perfect sandwich at home, but you’re missing just one of the ingredients you need? Well, now that you’re the head cook, it’s not a problem. Meat, veggies, condiments, sides, and desserts – it’s all right there in front of you. All you have to do is throw everything together as fast as you can. Get the order, prep the food, cook the food, and voila! On to the next customer. That’s why we love these online cooking games – you will never run out of ingredients! It’s very easy, however, to run out of time. You should memorize where those ingredients sit in front of you because once the rush comes, it might not stop!

What Will Your Tasty Specialty Be?

Even picky eaters will enjoy this cooking games category because we’ve made sure to include games that cover all kinds of delicious food items. If you prefer a hot meal made to order, we’ve got plenty of sandwiches, burgers, barbecue, and more for you to make. More of a sweet tooth? Then try on a pastry chef’s uniform for a day with these donut and dessert games! Even if you want to try something a little different, the combinations are almost endless with all of these ingredients. So, what tasty dishes will you specialize in, head cook? It’s your menu and your restaurant. We just have one piece of advice: if you’re going to eat your food, do it away from the customers. For some tasty inspirations, check out our free food games - you will find anything from burgers to sweet desserts! However, if you want to become a master chef of delicious pizzas, we have a selection of pizza games just for you.

Delivering orders

Who doesn’t like a hot, delicious, freshly made sandwich or hot dog? These two dishes are among the most universally liked types of food. No matter where you’re from, you have at least once in your life grabbed a couple of pieces of bread, some deli meat, and condiments for a snack or a meal. In most of these cooking games, you are going to be whipping up custom orders for everyone that walks through your doors. Does somebody want only cheese and lettuce? Boom – that’s what they get. Three types of meat? Hey, who are you to criticize? Whatever the order is, if you have the ingredients, you’ll pile that thing from the plate to the ceiling if you have to. Oh yeah, did we mention that you only have a few seconds per order? If you are good at cooking, test how good you are at managing a whole restaurant in our fun restaurant games.

Why We Love Online Cooking Games

There’s nothing wrong with taking out bad guys or solving tough problems, but we absolutely love this online cooking games category because it’s something that can help you in real life. If you can find the right ingredients and learn even a few basic recipes, cooking is super fun and rewarding. You’ll be drooling by the time you’re done playing anyway, so why not head to the kitchen and try something new that you learned? Who knows, you just might find a new favorite food! Ready to throw on that apron and show the world what you can do? Then load up this free cooking games category and start cranking out orders!

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