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Prim and Proper, Like a Real Princess

From the very day you were born and for the rest of your life, you will be told how to talk, how to walk, what to wear, and even how to eat. You’re a princess, darling, and that’s just the way it is. But there are many glamorous perks to this regal lifestyle, and we’ve captured all of them in these free online princess games for kids. After all, every princess is considered a cherished part of the kingdom, so she is always cloaked in the most lavish fashions. She’s also educated in the most elegant forms of courtly conduct, and she always carries herself as a lady. We’ve made sure that this princess games for girls category captures everything that’s great about the life of a princess, from the beautiful gowns and sparkly tiaras to finding love in a young and dashing prince’s eyes.  

Dazzle the Masses with Beauty and Charm

As a princess, you represent the king, the queen, and the entire royal family. As such, every time you pop your royal head out of your living quarters, you must be in the finest fashions, from head to toe. For that reason, we have made sure to include plenty of free princess dress up games, even with some Disney princess dress up games thrown in there. After all, what’s the point of all those butlers and maids if not to fetch you the greatest fashion pieces to wear whenever you call them? Dressup games are just the beginning of princess games for girls, too. There’s makeup, accessories, fancy parties and more. You might even fall in love with a prince, meaning you and your friends will have a very fancy wedding to plan! That’s what makes free princess games so fun – makeup, dresses and fancy parties! What else could you want?

A Princess Make-Over

Like we mentioned, princesses always get the best stuff. There’s definitely no exception when it comes to make-over equipment. All princess games worth their weight in glitter will have enough make-over supplies to beautify the entire imperial army (wouldn’t that be a sight?). IN each of these princess makeover games, you’ll have a ton of choices. Nobody’s perfect, so at the start of these princess makeover games, you may have some pimples, red eyes, messed up hair and other blemishes to deal with. Start with cleansers and rinses, then move onto foundation, blush, eye shadow and the rest. Some of these online princess games for girls add lots of cool themes and variations to the makeup style. We also have plenty of princess games to play that stay along the classic looks. Whatever your style is, you’re sure to find princess fashion games in this category that will bring it out beautifully. 


More often than not, it’s the first thing that people notice when you walk into a room. It can make the difference between a gorgeous outfit and a “so-so” ensemble. The dress is an absolute icon for princesses – it couldn’t be more important! That being said, we have made sure that all princess games in our category feature dresses of all kinds. Need a little advice on which one to choose? Think about any events that you’re attending in the near future. If it’s your own wedding or a royal ball, you’ll want something long, flowing and classic. In some princess games, you don’t have a ball coming up, so you can wear something a little more trendy and informal for just lounging around the castle. In princess dress up games for girls, the dress is at the center of it all. Choose between hundreds, and if you change your mind, swap them out!  

Even Falling in Love!

Most princesses are supposed to fall in love with a certain prince of their father’s choosing, but sometimes, love creates another path. If you’re a fan of the traditional love story, you can surely find plenty of free online princess love games for girls that pair you up with a dashing prince from another kingdom. You two have a beautiful wedding, and your two kingdoms merge together into one stunning empire. Or, if your heart yearns for a man of non-noble birth, you can play Frozen princess games and others that follow this storyline. You might have to sneak around for a little while, because your father will probably disapprove. Once you show him how much of a prince the young man is at heart, though, you can hopefully win his heart. Hey, if not, there’s always the “running away” option! Love who you want and play how you want – that’s how free online princess games for girls work, and that’s how it should be. 

Princess Games Are Just the Start

Even though they may have wardrobe upon wardrobe of shimmering tiaras, expensive handbags and beautiful dresses, princesses aren’t the only ones who can get a make-over or play dress-up. Every girl who wants to look beautiful can do these things too. Sure, she might need to save up a little cash to build up a nice wardrobe, but that’s part of the fun! Check out these dress-up games to get in on the glamor and fun, and see what we mean. If you want to try a different kind of game altogether, you can take a look around our girl games category for new adventures. Have fun wowing the crowds, princess!

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