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With Nail Salon Games, the Pros Come to You

Who wouldn’t absolutely love to have a nail salon in their house? Well, with these nail salon games, not only can you make that happen, you can make it happen for free! That’s right. No need to save up your hard-earned dough, drive to the salon, wait in line, and then get your nails done. With these nail games, you can just hop right in that salon chair and demand to be pampered with a whole suite of professional services. Speaking of, we’ve made sure that this category goes far beyond simple nail polish games. If it can be done to beautify your nails, then we have it in this category! So, don’t be shy, and don’t worry about calling ahead of time to make an appointment – these salons are open 24/7, 365. Don’t believe us? Let’s head inside and take a look!

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Wow, see? It is nice in here! And look at that huge wall of products over there? “How on earth am I going to decide what I want?” you might be thinking to yourself. Well, don’t worry. Like we said, these nail games for girls are all completely free, and the salons are always open. You can play through each and every one of these game multiple times and not have to worry about wasting expensive product, so just choose whatever you think will look awesome and start from there! As soon as you’re ready to change it up, just go back and start all over again. Life’s all about choices, after all, so we made sure to include as many options as we could in these nail polish games for girls. First and foremost, let’s get started with a nice coat or two of color, shall we?

Vibrant Colors

Maybe you shouldn’t even look at the shelf with all of the colors of nail polish on it. The first time we set eyes on that thing, we were so dazzled by the rainbow of beautiful colors that we couldn’t pick one for a solid ten minutes! Just close your eyes and picture your absolute favorite color. When you’re ready, let your salon professional know, and they’ll polish your nails to perfection with it. The “other other” best thing about free online nail designs games is, after you get them polished, you don’t have to wait for them to dry! (You don’t have to worry about that strong smell, either.) Just look at how those colors really pop! Like we said before, try as many on as you want. When you found a color you want to stick with for a while, we’ve got yet another surprise for you.

Dazzling Designs

That’s right, we’re adding an entirely new layer to the mix! It wouldn’t be true pampering if we didn’t bring you every stage of the professional salon experience, now would it? When it comes to hair and nail games, that means beautiful designs on top of vibrant colors. So, when your favorite color is ready, let us know and we will let you choose from dozens of designs to throw on top of it. How about a heart made out of glimmering gemstones, or a swirly design topped with glitter? Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make everyone say, “Wow, look at how fancy and beautiful her nails are!” Can’t decide exactly what kind of design you want to pair with that hot pink color? If you haven’t got the idea by now, we’ll remind you again: It’s free and super quick, so why not choose them all and see which one you like best?

Infinite Redos!

In a regular nail salon, if you realize when you get home that you’re not happy with the color and design that you chose, then you’re just kinda out of luck. With these free online nail designs games, though, you get an infinite number of “redos,” and you don’t have to feel bad about it! Not only can you switch up your style again and again within one of our nail salon games, but you can go from game to game to get even more colors and designs. Sometimes, just seeing what designs and colors a new salon has to offer will give you inspiration for all kinds of new design ideas! Just don’t get too used to having an infinite number of redos, because when you go to a real nail salon, you’re going to have to pick one color and/or design and stick with it.  

Look Even More Amazing with These Titles

As you can see, you could spend hours and hours in this nail games category for girls without ever getting bored, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other fun things to do. For example, wouldn’t it be awesome to have new hair and makeup styles to match those glittery nails of yours? Good thing we thought of everything, because you can now go straight from the virtual nail salon to our makeup games category and make that happen. Once you’re done there, and you look really gorgeous, you might want to show it off to the world, right? What better way than to go on awesome adventures and play cool stories in these girl games? We have a whole category waiting for you, so don’t be shy. Until then, we’ll always have a chair with your name on it in these nail salon games.

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