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Make two characters fall in love and kiss in these cute kissing games. Play secret kissing games where you can't be caught kissing or games where you must lead characters to be together!

What are kissing games?

The kissing games are romantic or sometimes funny games, where two characters kiss as a part of the gameplay. In most of these games, kissing is the goal of the game, where the character must go through some trouble to then finally end up together with the other half. For similar games, check out our huge collection of free girl games.

Secret kissing games

The goal of secret kissing games is to not get caught kissing. The game characters are somewhere in public and they must watch out for all the spectators because if they catch you together, they will not be happy! The player then has to have a fast reaction and make sure no one sees the kiss. If this funny gameplay interests you, we recommend checking out Secret Office Kissing and Swimming Pool Romance.

What are the best free online kissing games?

Choose a game and let the love sparks fly!

  • Read a story and make your own choices to alter the storyline. Will the girl kiss the prince? - Married to a Prince

  • Try not to get caught while kissing on an airplane!  - Air Hostess Kissing

  • Solve a puzzle to get the two fluff balls together and finally reunite them - Fluffy Story 2

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