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Create a Stunning New Look

Ready to shock everyone with your beautiful new makeover? Check out our free makeover games category and browse hundreds of gorgeous gowns, hairstyles, handbags and more! The best part of a makeover is the chance to completely reinvent yourself. If you’re normally shy, you can use these fun and fashionable games to create a bold and exotic look. If you are normally more outspoken, you can try something a little bit more relaxed and classy. Whatever your style is, this category gives you a chance to try something completely different. So, don’t worry about what others may think, just go for it! This category is all about expressing yourself.

Go on a Shopping Spree

No all-day makeover is complete without a shopping spree, of course! “Ooh and ahh” your way through charming boutiques as you browse for elegant gowns or more casual garments with our online makeover games category. Some of these games let you earn spending money by showing off the perfect outfit, and some just let you loose in the most fabulous stores with no restrictions. Either way, you’re in for the best day of shopping you’ve ever had! Don’t hold back – if you want it, just get it. Thirty dresses, twenty handbags and a dozen pairs of shoes? Why not, it’s your makeover! Once you’ve got your absolute favorites picked out, it’s time to try them on and smile for the camera.

Say Cheese!

That’s right, in Girls Photoshopping Dressup, you get to show off your new makeover for your adoring fans all over the world, just like a professional model. Stand up straight and smile for the camera, because this photo shoot will help you pay for more fabulous outfits and accessories. Each photo shoot is focused on a certain look, so make sure you choose the right clothes. Of course, if you simply can’t refuse a crazy clashing outfit, then go for it! There’s nothing wrong with being a rebel if it’s how you want to express yourself. There are plenty of chances to do that, too, since this category is simply stuffed with cute clothing!

Try Thousands of Combinations

Our favorite thing about this category is the almost limitless number of wardrobe combinations that you can have fun with. One second, you think you’ve created the perfect outfit, and a few minutes later, you’ve created a totally new one that you like even better! If you’re in love with a certain hairstyle and dress combination, you can try a dozen different shoe styles to match (or not match, if that’s your thing). Can’t let go of a certain purse? Surround it with stylish dresses, shoes, and more until you’ve created an entire look around it. It’s your makeover, do whatever you want! You’ll have hours of fun experimenting with different combinations.

Get Ready for the Big Day with a Beautiful Makeover

There’s nothing wrong with having a makeover just for fun, of course, but when you’ve got a really big day ahead of you, it makes it even more special. This category gives you a chance to plan for prom or even a wedding by providing you with a complete selection of wardrobe choices for the big day. While you’re playing, imagine what you yourself would wear for the occasion and try it out! Who knows, maybe you will wear that exact outfit when the big day comes in real life.

The Perfect Prom

Prom is all about long, swirling gowns, sparkling accessories and plenty of fancy makeup. If you want a fun and realistic practice round before your prom, Perfect Prom Dressup will be sure to entertain you for hours. Choose from a huge selection of dresses, hairstyles, necklaces and handbags to create the perfect ensemble. Try as many looks as you want. If you don’t like it, simply start from the top! Prom is the perfect chance to blow people’s minds with a new and gorgeous look. Take all the time you need to pick out that Once you enter that ballroom, everybody will know it.

A Beautiful Wedding

Speaking of important occasions for dressing up, what could be more exciting than a wedding day! Between the flowers, the food, the guests, and all of the other stressful parts of a wedding, you and your friends deserve to have a little fun. Take your bridesmaids to a lovely boutique and wow them with one pretty dress after another in Annie Wedding Shopping. Will you choose a dress with a fifty-foot train, or something a little less extravagant? Will you be sporting a ruffled pattern or a fancy flounce? The choice is yours alone – it’s your wedding, after all.

Our Tip? Try Everything!

We’ve had many hours of fun creating and testing this online makeover games category. One thing we learned is to not worry about the perfect look. Since you can try everything on as much as you want, there’s no pressure to stick with a single outfit. The fun is in the makeover itself, not just the end result! So don’t worry about what anyone thinks. You don’t have to settle on a favorite, because every dress, shoe and accessory is yours to keep. Try on as many outfits as you possibly can. You may just be surprised by what you find when you experiment with different styles. When you find the perfect look for you, you’ll know it!

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