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Never Miss a Color Again!

Every artist or aspiring artist knows that sinking feeling of reaching for a certain color (paint, pencil, or whatever) and realizing they don’t have it, but in our fun online category of drawing games, you’ll never have to worry about that again! You’ve got every color imaginable at your disposal, but this category goes far beyond that. We’ve got drawing games for kids, all kinds of titles for adults, and even games that allow you to put your artwork to, well, work! If it doesn’t make a lot of sense now, just know that these games are a whole lot more than simply drawing. We’ll go into more details below about how you can get the most out of your artwork. Before we dive into the mechanics of these free drawing games, though, we have to pay homage to the many, many generations of artists and gamers that came before us. They paved the way for this amazing revolution, after all, and in brilliant color.

From Cave Paintings to Online Drawing Games

From the very first moment that those Neanderthals touched their brushes to the interior surface of a cave that is now in Lascaux, France, the world’s most famous cave painting that was made more than 20,000 years ago, humankind has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with drawing. Call it painting, drawing, coloring, or whatever you want – throughout the ages, we have used art as a vessel to express our triumphs, mourn our losses, and connect with one another in a way that transcends language barriers. In terms of video games, or more appropriately in this case, early drawing programs, artists would partner with computer programmers as early as the 60s to make psychedelic designs. As the decades rolled by, computers became more sophisticated, allowing artists to take more liberties with their designs. You could even argue that the first really popular drawing program was Microsoft Paint, released in 1985. Since then, we’ve seen dozens and dozens of other games pop up, like online color-by-number, Draw Something, Draw Rider, and much more.

Doodle, but Don’t Dawdle

Alright, now back to the topic of our awesome, completely free drawing games. Artistic types will obviously have a lot to enjoy in this category, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful at every title. Remember, they’re drawing games, which means that there are more elements to the experience than simply drawing pretty pictures. Of course, if that’s all you want to do, then we have one or two options available, but for everyone else, you can combine the challenges of a video game with your love of art for even greater and more thrilling challenges. What does this look like in a game category? Well, we’re so glad you asked. Check out some of our favorite game types from this category below.

Guess the Picture

Who says you always have to be the one holding the pencil or the brush to enjoy a drawing game? In one of our favorite drawing games from this category, Draw and Guess, you can practice your visual interpretation skills and get inspiration for your own artwork by observing what other people draw. That’s right, you get to play with real people! Each player has to draw a picture based on a word when it’s their turn. The other players must guess what the mystery word is based on the picture that’s being drawn on the drawing board. We love guess a drawing games like this one because they put you in the perspective of both the artist and the critic. Plus, it’s a great mental exercise.

Functional Art (Draw Physics Line)

Even cooler than guess a draw games, or at least we think so, are what we like to call “functional art” games, of which this category has several. For example, you can actually make game pieces interact with each other by drawing lines between/around them and letting the physics do the rest! Once you’re done drawing, the gravity will be turned on, and the game pieces will interact with the ramps, receptacles, and other features you’ve drawn to hopefully be drawn together. Whatever the objective is, our fans love functional art games because they allow them to think like both an artist and a game designer. Amazing, right? If you want straight up physics, check out our non-physical selection of physics games!

Tattoos and More

It’s neither the last nor the least, but we could list off sub-categories within this genre all day, so we’ll end it with tattoo art. Talk about an explosively popular art form – tattoo art certainly isn’t going anywhere, and neither are these drawing games that allow you to use human bodies as canvas. You can draw skulls and swords on hairy bikers if that’s your thing or even a cutesy little flower on a dainty ankle. Whatever you want to tattoo, we’ve got a free online drawing game that’s suited for the purpose. As mentioned, this is just the very beginning. We have all kinds of fun themes and play styles for you to experiment with in this category of drawing games for kids and for adults. Whether you like animals, trucks, beautiful scenery, or even just random and abstract styles of drawing, it’s all here for you to enjoy.

Switching Subjects?

Had enough drawing for one day, have you? Never fear, if you want to work out your brain in another area, then we’ve got a well-rounded selection of educational games just waiting for you to drop some serious knowledge. You don’t have to be a genius to play these games, either. As long as you have the desire to learn and a love for video games, then you’ll fit right in. Drawing games today, showing off your smarts tomorrow – let’s do it!

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